Not being 100% true to your Lent abstinence, is it wrong?

So for lent I decided to cut my caloric in take in half by cutting out the extras, fast food, candies, junkfood, etc. And abstaining from beverages other than water. So since lent started I started eating fast food, but still kept out the extras and my caloric intake has still be cut in half. At about 1200 per day. And im still not drinking anything other than water. So I get hungry through out the day still. This hunger makes me think about why im doing it and in turn helps me be closer to Christ by remembering what he did for us.
So is it bad to adjust you’re lent abstinence? I heard that it was personal devotion and not required by the church so long as we observe fridays no meat, and ash wed and good Friday fast. Does any one know the truth to this? Also I read about sundays indulgence? ! Whats that? ! It doesn’t sound right.

One can only try to do their best. I have failed in some measure so far but have quickly rebounded. The Church sets a broad outline of what to do, but whatever extra you do keep it to yourself.

Yes, you can absolutely adjust your personally chosen Lenten sacrifices. They were chosen by you, so there is no sin in adjusting them.

However, if you intend to reduce them, consider the graces which are available to be gained by these sacrifices. Even when you feel suffering, consider that you are building up your “treasure in heaven”, which is your treasury of graces which will get you to Heaven.

Do as much penance as you can, within reason, without being a penance to other people (that is, by grumpy or exhausted behavior) and without reducing your efficiency which you need to support your needs and duties.

Concerning Sundays: Yes, they are not technically part of the 40 days of Lent, but, that doesn’t mean that we should not still behave in the spirit of Lent. If you gave up candy, for example, don’t have a candy binge party every Sunday. In fact, I would suggest you continue to abstain.

If you are doing serious sacrifices, such as complete abstinence from meat and eggs, or a fast of 1 meal per day, then you should certainly consider resting on Sundays, to retain your strength. However, we should not be using Sunday as a day to throw away all the grace which we have been striving for during the week.

That makes complete sence, thanks

Well said dshix!

I have already had to adjust mine a bit as I am older.

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