Not being contentious toward my Mormon friends, just very curious

Hello all,

I have not been a member her for very long but I have noticed alot of threads about Mormons. I have also noticed that the Mormon members here seem to be very active posters.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not saying they should not be here, on the contrary, I welcome them and ALL others to contibute so as we ALL may become a little more knowledgable in eachothers perspectives.

My curiosity is this: Why so many threads about the LDS ??? Why does there seem to be a HUGE portion concerning them and not others??? Why are the LDS members so active here ???

I repeat, I welcome the contributions they offer. I am just very curious.:confused:

Thanks in advance,


The LDS posters are active here because of the antimormon comments from the catholic posters about the lds church. If those antimormon comments and misrepresentations would cease, the lds posters would disappear. It is only human nature that one wishes to defend their faith against misrepresentations about their faith.

Why so many threads about the lds? Because many catholics feel threatened by the lds church. There are two churches that declare truth vocally: the catholic church and the lds church. One based on Christ’s words to Peter and the other through the restoration of Christ’s church.

Funny stuff whyme. You know very well LDS, including yourself, are proselyting.

I am on here mainly because I have a lot of downtime at work and would prefer to use it talking religion… lol. I agree with the othe person who posted. I just think there is a lot clarification that needs to happen.

I agree with the above, and also, the majority of threads started here about Mormonism are started by non-LDS.

Not true at all. I would much rather just go to Mass and do my own thing getting catholics to discover their religion. But the comments here about mormons and mormonism forces me to defend the lds church.

And most mormons here are defending and responding to antimormon posts or to posts that they believe misrepresent the lds faith.

Hi why me,

Thank you ( and others who posted ) for the reply.

To be honest with you I think the " anti " mormon thing is WAY over used. I will admit that I have indeed seen some " not so charitable " comments as well as a little mocking of the LDS beliefs that you and others hold precious. ( I am sad to see that this does happen :()

I agree with you that it is human nature to want to defend what you hold as " true " and precious.:slight_smile:

I, with great respect, completly disagree that many Catholics are threatened by the LDS Church. I do believe many Catholics ( I am not one for what it’s worth ) feel offended by much of LDS doctrine as well as LDS prophetic teachings.

If I may ask, your name says you are LDS and Catholic :confused::confused:???
Is that accurate???:confused::confused:
If so, perhaps I have now seen it all :slight_smile:

I do appreciate your contributions.


I have both religions in my life. I was born catholic and coverted to mormonism at 18. I now attend Mass again but I can also go to the lds services. I think that both churches are wonderful and they both have wonderful people in them. I do more for the catholic church than for the lds church these days. But, I can not deny that I received a witness to the book of mormon. I can defend the lds church on this forum because of what is said about the lds church by some of the posters here.

And lets face it…since both faiths do not recognize eachothers baptism, it works in my favor. :thumbsup:

I consider myself to be humbly the ‘voice of reason’ on this section of the forum when it comes to defending the lds church. :wink:

In response to your PM, I can attend the Mass and LDS services. At the moment I am more active in the catholic church than in the lds church. But I like both faiths. And yes, I am the person who cannot deny the witness that I received about the book of mormon. If it wasn’t for that witness, I don’t think that I would have joined the lds church at 18 and the lds church would not have such an impact in my life at this moment.

Did you notice that anti-Mormons are “very active posters” here too? or did you just notice the Mormons?

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not saying they should not be here, on the contrary, I welcome them and ALL others to contibute so as we ALL may become a little more knowledgable in eachothers perspectives.

My curiosity is this: Why so many threads about the LDS ???

Have you tried asking that question from those who started the threads? The majority of them are not Mormons. I think they are in a better position to answer that question.

Why does there seem to be a HUGE portion concerning them and not others???

I wouldn’t say that. It seems to me that Islam related threads are much more numerous than Mormon ones.

Why are the LDS members so active here ???

First of all why shouldn’t they be? It is, after all, the “non-Catholic relations” board. Secondly, don’t you think that the number of anti-Mormon threads started by anti-Mormons might have something to do with it?

I repeat, I welcome the contributions they offer. I am just very curious.:confused:

Your curiosity seems to be a little out of place, given the obvious factors involved.


Hello again why me,

Thanks for replying, I can’t begin to imagine this :confused:( Being both LDS and Catholic ) but do appreciate your attempt to answer.:slight_smile:


Hello Zerinus,

I apologize to you as it seems you were very offended by my post and obviously do not feel I was genuine when I said I was just curious.:frowning:

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to reply.:slight_smile:


I suppose I should explain how I happened onto this website, and why I have added comments. I ended up finding this from a Google search on the subject of divinity LDS, which I have written a short article about in the past. I found that this website has several blatantly wrong articles about LDS beliefs. Then I saw this forum section, and at first was surprised that it allows LDS writers, but figured OK I’d best help clarify the wrong information and continuing mis-perceptions.

I sometimes feel hopeful that someone will take an initiative to get a more open mind and certainly to read the Bible more closely to broaden their perspective, which is why I add comments. I also felt it was important to explain that LDS beliefs don’t consign Catholics to hell at all in the resurrection, just the belief that they will have the presence of Jesus Christ in a kingdom of glory far beyond our understanding as mortals, unless they desire more in which case they can “go for it.”

Mostly, I’m here because I genuinely care about the people who have shown up on this website. I can say that without reservation, candidly and honestly. I really appreciate your comments and questions. Take care, CJ.

CJ, there is actually evidence to suggest that a significant proportion of those converting to the Mormon faith were originally Catholic so the suggestion that they are here to proselytize, while the Mormons may deny it, is not far-fetched.

WhyMe, I’m sure you’re very sincere in what you believe and write, but you cannot be Catholic and Mormon at the same time. To truly be Catholic you would believe all that is set forth as Catholic doctrine. A true Catholic could not pick and choose which Doctrines to support and which to deny. For a Catholic, this would automatically exclude any testimony about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Mormon faith.

Hello ParkerD,

Thanks for the very kind contribution :slight_smile:

I have seen many of your posts here and admire the way you choose to respond ( even in the light of some who " mock " what you hold as precious ). For that, I admire your example. ( Thanks )

As far as " wrong info " and/or " mis- perceptions in the LDS faith, I can offer you that this is not a dilema of this site alone. I had been a visitor, for several months, on a LDS site ( LDS.NET) and many of the teachings of LDS seemed to be highly debated amongst LDS members. ( A few examples of this were " the King Follet Sermon “, " conception of Christ”, " What happens to married couples when sealed and one does not reach the same level of Heaven as the other". The LDS members seemed to vary in large measure concerning the " info " or " not really info" that is taught.

As far as the LDS beliefs of Catholics, I can’t help but rely of the " first vision " of Mr. Joseph Smith to undertand a full picture.

I do appreciate you being here to share your perspectives and look forward to future contributions you make.

Thanks again for the warm and respectful manner you share.:slight_smile:


Hi Melanie, how are you doing?

I just had a comment… People seem to think the Mormons are on this board to ‘convert’ people. Why are you here? Just as explained it mainly to clarify false accusations against the church… When I think of proselytizing i think of knocking doors.

When the mormon house of cards fall, some go atheist, some convert to another faith, others follow the long standing mormon tradition of firing up one’s own religion.

Hi Mormon boy,

I have a variety of reasons for visiting the CAF website, and I visit a variety of areas of the forum.

Proselytizing is done in a variety of ways. I stand by my former statement. Perhaps some Mormons are here to clarify “false accusations” as you say, or perhaps that is merely a pretext for some of them. My previous statement did not assert that the reason Mormons were posting so frequently to a Catholic website absolutely HAD to be for the purpose of proselytizing, it simply allowed for that possibility.

Of course! I agree with that… That is not our primary purpose here, but isn’t everyone on here to evangelize or proselyte to some degree?

Anyway, have a wonderful day!!

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