Not ‘Born That Way’: New Scientific Analysis Questions ‘LGBT’ Orthodoxies

A new report that examines nearly 200 peer-reviewed studies on sexual orientation and gender identity concludes that science hasn’t confirmed key theories about these subjects, including the belief that homosexuals are “born that way.”

And it rejects surgical and hormonal interventions for children who identify as “transgender,” on the grounds that the large majority of such children outgrow identities that conflict with their biological sex.

“Examining research from the biological, psychological and social sciences, this report shows that some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence,” reads an introductory note by Adam Keiper, editor of The New Atlantis, a leading journal of science, technology and ethics that published the report, “Sexuality and Gender.”

I never did believe it. But homosexual “marriage” got imposed on the country because of it.

I think LGBT orthodoxies are primarily learnt behaviors acquired from our toxic culture, but there might very well be a partially physical basis for transgenderism. I say that because it seems like a very striking coincidence that both transgenderism and wide usage of fertility drugs have arisen virtually simultaneously. Not to even mention endocrine disruptors in plastics and other chemicals we’re constantly absorbing through our food and water and modern environment. We know that sex-changing hormones in the worlds waters are doing some very odd things to fish, and in fact we may actually be on the edge of a mass extinction because of it, so who can say what all of this is doing to humans?

That being said, I do think television and media are the main factors.

Everyone should let their politicians and media know about this report immediately.

I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again: the “born that way” argument is inconsistent in the way it is applied by the LGBT community.

“Don’t change me because I was born that way” is preached by the LGBT community if you are gay, but “Change the way I was born” is equally preached by the same group if you are transgender. One does not have to rely on a scientific approach to see that there is something not right with their application of this so-called “unchangeable axiom.”

However, I do urge caution. The NCR report is highlighting a “study” put out by a journal called The New Atlantis. While I am not saying the findings are incorrect (mostly because I have yet to read it), this journal is known for publishing data that is closed to independent and disinterested validation.

Because this type of validation is an essential final step to the scientific method, one cannot use these types of reports to say that one has the support of the scientific community. Due to this I am saddened the NCR didn’t show a little more discretion in the way it presented its story.

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Considering I’ve never once met a gay person who told me they woke up one day and decided to change who they were sexually and romantically attracted to, I’m going to keep assuming it isn’t a conscious choice. It’s such a silly theory to believe otherwise. Any “study” claiming to prove that all the gays got together to hatch a giant conspiracy to cover up their “decision” to be attracted to the same sex is, at best, desperate.

As for the transgender issue…gender identity and sexual orientation do not go hand in hand. Those are two completely seperate issues. Other than sharing in the LGBT acronym they don’t seem to have much else in common.

I haven’t read the full report but it comes to mind that even if homosexuals were not born that way, that doesn’t mean it’s a choice that they have homosexual inclinations, but that those inclinations come about in other ways, such as through environmental causes etc. I doubt the report is making a firm conclusion on how homosexuality originates, but that it’s not proven that people are born homosexual.

Well, considering homosexuals don’t consciously decide what their sexual orientation is, I don’t see why it’s relevant anymore. Not sure what these studies are hoping to prove.

The truth, one supposes.

And for some with nascent same-sex attraction that isn’t yet compulsive, hope perhaps.

The politically correct left will shoot this analysis down in the name of Cultural Marxism. It hinders the cause of the world revolution.

Also gives them the chance of CHOICE. The LGBT movement is totalitarian and dictatorial.

My understanding of the original article is that it is not so much evidence of anything new, as it is a refutation of previous studies. In other words, the idea of prevalent understanding of these new sexual ideas is a myth, a desire for an outcome built on a house of straw. New science driven by political ideas, especially in such a fluffy area as sexuality was rife with idea. I would think anyone with an understanding of what science is would have recognized the lack of scientific integrity in homosexuals attempting to use science as self-justification for their behavior.

While correlation is not causation, long term and continuous correlations can serve as an indication of a relationship. This might be the only way to use science to study sexuality. In this case, there seems to be a continual, constant and indisputable link with sexual disorders of all kinds and other mental health issues, such as depression and suicide. I have to wonder if we will ever recognize that in allowing politics to determine science, we have done a disservice to our ability to treat psychological disorders.

So much of our enforced social secular culture of the last few decades relies on quick phrases which if it can’t be similarly refuted in quick phrases then it is assumed to be fact and part of the new consensus.

Now perhaps it will turn out to be true that ‘born that way’ is grounded in some sort of objective reality but I am concerned it is added to the list of secular beliefs, untested, which then feed into how our young are taught to see the world.

An avalanche that somehow we must stop.

I too doubt people choose who they are attracted to. That would make no more sense then to say someone chooses to be attracted to a flavor of ice cream. But there most certainly are people who chose to engage in homosexual acts who previously had engaged only in heterosexual acts. Prison and other environments where you have no access to members of the opposite sex are notorious for this. And going back to attraction an attraction most certainly could be cultivated. It could be developed based on your own thoughts or exposure to representations of that attraction. That is what the advertising is all about. Those images of people having a great time drinking are all about getting you to want or be attracted to drink. And it works amazingly well.

If something is viewed as being wrong it is very reasonable that those who want to engage in it will work to change the opinion of others. This most certainly could be done by using science to ‘prove’ the naturalness of the desire or act. Since man is prone to deceit it makes good sense to be skeptical of any research designed to disprove common sense or traditional morality.

Considering that being gay now has wide cultural acceptance and isn’t a source of shame and cause for secrecy like it used to be, it will be interesting to see if the link with mental health problems continues.

I suspect you’re right, exnihilo. As I’m sure you know, it’s called imprinting.

I don’t recall the source but there was a recent survey indicating that while the percentage of people who report having exclusively same-sex relations has not changed much, the percentage of people who report engaging in both same-sex and opposite-sex relations HAS gone up.

Now you could argue this just means there’s still a stigma about NOT having opposite-sex attractions even if the stigma of having same-sex attraction has gone down, but it also makes sense that people who might have had both SSA and OSA but only acted on the OSA in the past, now find it more socially acceptable to act on both.

I don’t think most Catholics think “gays choose to be gay” but I do think the idea that since gays don’t choose to be gay they must be Born That Way is overly simplistic, a false dichotomy.

I believe that people are born that way. For instance, I did not choose to be heterosexual. I am simply am. The notion that someone would choose an orientation that is the extreme minority, and one that has been routinely discriminated against, defies common sense.

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