Not by my power but by Gods power, Not by my righteousness but by God's love


Not by my power but by Gods power, Not by my righteousness but by God’s love.

I find my self saying this to my self more and more, and it gives me the strength to overcome anxiety and other stumbling blocks in life because i realize that my ego, by itself, has a tendency towards self-destruction.

But is this the right way to think as a Catholic?


My favorite prayer

“I am nothing God is all, Father I love you, come Divine Will”…


One of the best:

Let nothing disturb you,

Let nothing frighten you,

All things are passing away:

God never changes.

Patience obtains all things

Whoever has God lacks nothing;

God alone suffices.

– St. Teresa of Avila


The Cross stands firm while the world turns.
Carthusian motto.


I call them ‘ repeaters ‘
Through out my life - I have written down - phrases -
And have said them over and over - key -
Because they were very important to me -
And I had to firmly believe it - in my heart.

Thanks for sharing this !
In fact, I need to say this !
It’s a very mellow and happy, confident phrase :innocent:


Yes. It is proper to think that way. Your existence is due to God. It is right to praise him for what he has given you.


It is right to thank him for your human nature.

It is also right to thank him for the divine nature he delivers to you via his Church.


‘O Christ Jesus,
when all is darkness
and we feel our weakness and helplessness,
give us the sense of Your presence,
Your love, and Your strength.
Help us to have perfect trust
in Your protecting love
and strengthening power,
so that nothing may frighten or worry us,
for, living close to You,
we shall see Your hand,
Your purpose, Your will through all things.’ - St Ignatius of Loyola


Yes! The New Covenant is all about God producing the righteousness in us that we cannot come up with on our own, try as we might, even if we wish to believe in our own righteousness (which was essentially the sin of Adam). “Apart from Me you can do nothing”, Jesus tells us.

And so we’re to partake of and commune with God. And the name of the righteousness which this communion is meant to produce is love, the very image of God we’re to be transformed into. Man was made for this communion; he’s lost and existing in an unjust, disordered state without it.

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