Not caring about being stylish

I prayed for you at Mass yesterday. Hoping today is a good day.

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God bless you, thank you so much. In fact today is a great day, so many blessings no matter how I’m feeling and especially knowing you prayed at Mass for me.
It did start off poorly with me missing the 7am Mass because of laziness :worried: but I forgave myself begrudgingly and resolved to do better. St Zelie would go to High Mass at 5am while she was feeling ill. I can’t really make excuses over a backache especially when I need His strength and especially when I can’t go to Sunday Mass.
Thank you for your lovely kindness.

I am feeling better. Yesterday since my husband was kind enough to offer to buy me new pants since none of my pants fit me I went on Amazon and ordered bootcut, black, navy striped (because just navy is too similar to black sometimes), grey, cream and brown. I took out the burgundy because I think that calls attention/ shows I’m happy/(see how i crazy i think) and I’m not ready for burgundy. I also ordered wide leg pants in black.

I think it’s alot and I hate spending money on me but (and this is not like me) I finally said “oh well I need new pants I’m not gonna go crazy trying to lose weight to fit into my old pants in a month”!

I asked God why all of a sudden I felt better since I will still miss my baby so much that I’ll probably cry so much, but I felt in my heart His answer was that I was beginning to trust Him more.

I’m also nicer to my husband as I accepted it’s not his fault. God permits it. I reread everything and thank you all again. After reading your post I saw this is exactly what I did, neutral colors to match. Thank you.

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During Mass today and the prayers of the faithful, we prayed for families with small children. You popped into mind so I said a prayer for your returning to work dilemma. Hope you are experiencing some peace.


Thank you so much for your prayers :heart::heart:I appreciate it very much :heart::heart:God bless you and your family :pray:t2:

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