Not conservative, not liberal....I am Catholic


If you believe in “all the magisterial teachings of the Church through the ages,” you are a conservative Catholic.

Yes conservative and liberal Catholics are both Catholic by baptism. But the division comes because of the Catholics who don’t wish to follow the magisterial teachings.

When conservative Catholics reject the precepts of liberal Catholics, it isn’t because they want power and prestige.

Yes, we can all be one, but who’s supposed to change to make that happen? The ones off the path, not the ones on it.

JoeShlabotnik; do you agree or disagree with the Monsignor?


I believe the Catholic Church should teach the correct things. But I know that those who run the Church are human and all humans are imperfective and capable of making mistakes. That is the mystery of the magisterial teachings.

As Servant of God Fr. John A. Hardon SJ once said, there is no such thing as a “liberal” or “conservative” Catholic. You are either a Catholic faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, or you are not.


Imperfective is actually a new word, but I like it. We’re imperfect and defective: imperfective.

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Not conservative, not liberal….I am Catholic

I love that phrase and have put it my memory file for use in the future.
The padre in the video is so true when he talks about division. Let’s all try not to facilitate division


From the words of the late Cardinal Francis George–Archbishop of Chicago:

"We are at a turning point in the life of the Church in this country. Liberal Catholicism is an exhausted project. Essentially a critique, even a necessary critique at one point in our history, it is now parasitical on a substance that no longer exists. It has shown itself unable to pass on the faith in its integrity and inadequate, therefore, in fostering the joyful self-surrender called for in Christian marriage, in consecrated life, in ordained priesthood. It no longer gives life.

“The answer, however, is not to be found in a type of conservative Catholicism obsessed with particular practices and so sectarian in its outlook that it cannot serve as a sign of unity of all peoples in Christ.

“The answer is simply Catholicism, in all its fullness and depth, a faith able to distinguish itself from any culture and yet able to engage and transform them all, a faith joyful in all the gifts Christ wants to give us and open to the whole world he died to save. The Catholic faith shapes a church with a lot of room for differences in pastoral approach, for discussion and debate, for initiatives as various as the peoples whom God loves. But, more profoundly, the faith shapes a church which knows her Lord and knows her own identity, a church able to distinguish between what fits into the tradition that unites her to Christ and what is a false start or a distorting thesis, a church united here and now because she is always one with the church throughout the ages and with the saints in heaven .”


Well put. Cardinal George was a remarkable servant of Our Lord.

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