Not Doing Too Good


:(My depression is very deep. I don’t know what to do. I have a job that pays little and I have many things that I need to pay. Food, clothes, phone bill, utilities, rent, and child support for my two older kids. I am threatened to lose my apartment and become homeless. I’ve lived in the same place for five years and most of the time, I was able to pay the rent on time and full. But this year, its been hard, even with housing because taxes and insurance come out of my paycheck. So my average take home pay every two weeks is like around $470-$500. I am trying really hard to pay everything. But I am alone. My ex won’t help me. And I am a single mother. My job history is the pits. Since I was sixteen, I had many jobs. Never stayed in one place for too long. A couple of times it was for attendance. Most of the time, it was because I am not what they are looking for and they let me go. One company shut down. My luck is really bad. I have a high school diploma, but no college degree. I struggled really hard with most subjects. Then I had to through Vocational Rehabilitation because it turns out I have a mental disability. I am too slow and not very bright. I don’t learn things right away. Voc Rehab sent me to train so I can work in an office enviornment. and all was able to work in was call centers with low pay. I need to work so I can pay my bills and feed myself and my kids. I also need health insurance because I need to see if I have a mental condition(I don’t know what it is but I know I have something) and maybe get on meds to see if I can improve. Right now, my self esteem is real low. I am not feeling good about myself. I feel worthless. I love people and I love to work. I just get frustrated with my life. I don’t know why. I am a good person. I don’t do any type of crimes although, stealing to eat have crossed my mind. But I don’t want to be in jail. social services are too busy to help because of the economy. I am in a big hole that I can’t get out of right now. I wish I could run away and start somewhere new. Probably can’t do that either. I can’t sleep very well and I cry alot. I will go to church tomorrow, maybe I can see a kind priest that can at least let me cry and let it go. I am scared and don’t know what to do. I wish there were kinder people in the world that won’t put you out on the streets. That will see that you are struggling and trying. Currently I owe $1200 in late fees and my complex won’t let me pay for it. I can’t find a cheaper, but decent place to rent and I just signed a lease. I am losing my mind.


Call your St Vincent de Paul Society. There are caring people who can help you find local resources.

Locate your local food pantries. They will provide you with groceries.

Have you checked about SSDI? If you have a mental disabiliby, you can apply for SSDI and still hold part time work.

Public housing, this will allow you to have pay pro rated rent.

Going back to school - there are grants and loans available that will help with living expenses while you earn a degree.

Local assistance for utilities is available in every state. Finding them takes time.

Start with your SSVDP, they will be able to guide you.



I agree with the above poster.

I also highly recommend talking with your priest on a regular basis or asking him to help you find someone qualified to counsel you. BTW there is absolutely no shame in needing someone qualified for counsel - everyone does.

Don’t give up faith - pray.
My prayers are with you :hug3:


Pray the rosary daily.

I agree whole heartedly with the above two posts. I love your idea about going straight to the church and to a priest who will help you.

Tomorrow, make sure to go to Mass and Holy Communion. God’s Love will surround you and lift you up so that you will have the strength to take care of yourself during these hard times.

So glad you contacted Catholic Answers.

May the Peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you and your now and forever.



Please don’t give up. Never stop praying.

Have you considered a St. Judes Novena? Google it, it might help you!

We’re praying for you!


I do a bit of work with Saint Vincent de Paul, but in Australia. I think the Australian system is a bit easier on people, as the American system seems to be geared for winners only. Society isn’t much help in a lot of ways.

That said, people here struggle too. Not far from here is a family with multiple problems, who will always struggle.

I also think you need to find some sort of support group. You never know, but sometimes opportunities come through who you know, not what you know.

I sympathise with you. I suppose I could say that I’ll pray for you, but honestly I’d probably forget with the next distraction, unless I wrote it down.

I agree with the above posters who suggested you make SVDP your first port of call. But you need to go a bit further than that and start seeking advice from people who are qualified to help and who can guide you towards making some sort of plan to move on.


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