Not even started RCIA yet and already bringing a friend to Mass

:thumbsup: I’m pretty pleased with this situation!

I’ve been going to Mass and trying to figure out how to join the Church. It’s been slow going - there’s apparently no RCIA in English in any of the churches in Seoul that offer English Mass. Everyone’s been apologetic, but nobody seems to have any idea what to do in a case like this. The priest at the parish I usually attend suggested individual instruction, but won’t have time to start it until March. :shrug: What can we do?

But one of my friends, who has been kinda-sorta supportive of my conversion process (“I can’t understand why you’d join a church, but if it’s what you want, then good luck with it.”) asked me if she could go to Mass with me. :thumbsup: :smiley: :extrahappy: We were discussing Christmas plans - Christmas is not really done in Korea. People don’t get together with their families or go to church or anything; it’s treated as a kind of secondary Valentine’s Day and couples go out for a nice dinner, if anything. Neither of us has family nearby - mine is in Canada and hers lives fairly far away and won’t be celebrating Christmas anyway - so we decided to celebrate Christmas together. She asked me if I could find a Midnight Mass that we could attend together! I was so shocked, in a good way. She has been saying stuff like, “I’m glad you’re happy but religion is not for me” and “I don’t understand why you’d be interested in joining the church, but it’s your decision” so this request was a total surprise!

Now I just need to pray that there is an English-language Midnight Mass at one of the three or four parishes I know that offer English Mass. :rolleyes:

Wow! But I’m not surprised. We’ve known you for a while and you’re bound to be a soul-magnet for the Lord. Your Christian spirit of faith and goodness has long been evident. You’ve gone through some trials by ‘fire’ and your spirit shone. The Holy Spirit in His compassion and wisdom will continue to lead and guide you into His Church.
“Amen” to all God’s wishes for you and through you for others.

That’s awesome :thumbsup:

Thanks, Trishie! Your words mean a lot to me. “A soul-magnet for the Lord” - what a beautiful thought! That’s exactly what I’d like to be. That’s such a nice thought, I’m going to add it to my signature. I hope you don’t mind (although I’m sure you won’t - you’re so thoughtful!). :hug1:

wow - this is very amazing! Thanks be to God! and thank you!

You might find Parishes you are not familiar with at

Also, if there is a military base nearby, they may have a chapel with midnight Mass :slight_smile:

Hmm… I tried using, and it’s really hard to figure out. It keeps returning results in Japan and China instead. It’s not particularly easy to use. :confused:

I’ve been asking around - the nearest military base is about 90 minutes away. Of course, the other parishes I attend are 60 minutes away, so it’s not that bad, but… also, I don’t know if I can get on base when I’m not American and neither is my friend.

Trust in God and see if you can go onto the base for Mass. You might be surprised by how the Lord works :wink: Go to Christ, wherever He is :slight_smile:

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