Not everyone loves Pope Francis: Conservative Catholics voice concern over 'revolutionary' message

I think much of the controversy about Pope Francis is that his words get read through the filter of the mass media, who “hear what they want to hear”. Pope Francis is admittedly a “son of the Church”, so he is not changing any doctrine, much to the chagrin of the media. He is emphasizing certain aspects of Catholicism that need to be emphasized (like our treatment of the poor). He is not lowering other aspects (Church teachings on abortion or same sex marriage). If you want to know Pope Francis’ doctrinal stance on a subject, read the Catechism!
My other recommendation for people who read what Francis says on a subject, is to take it in context with everything else he says. Like I tell my Protestant friends when they throw a Bible verse at me, “Understand the context”. We Catholics can get into trouble with Francis’ statements if we are “Sola” the latest Francis interview or speech, much like how are Protestant brothers and sisters have issues due to “Sola Scriptura”.

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I like your “Sola media” idea near the end…

The media does the same thing with any public figure who gives a speech…The president of the United States gives a “State of the Union” address and it’s immediately followed by a panel of people “interpreting” what was said…:shrug:

One thing I’ve learned in reading any news article is to first of all look for the quotation marks. Only these can show what was actually said. The second thing to look for are the adjectives and adverbs.
It’s amazing how many of these are used in something that purports to be a news article and not an editorial…and of course this is true of news writers of every political stripe.
These two habits have really helped me to not get too “caught up” in media hype - and to separate what they actually say in an article from the innuendo that very often creeps in (intentional or not).

Just some thoughts.


People – especially Catholics – should remember that unless a story is presented as “new,” as in “News,” it has little value in commercial media. Only that which startles – and preferably is also sensational – has value, particularly when it comes to “front page headlines” kinds of material. That also means that excuses for sensationalizing are what today’s incompetent “journalists” look for. A Pope who does, or appears to (leaving no room for doubt) continue previous Church teaching is a big yawn to the secular news media. Nothing new there.

Only a leader (including political leaders) who appear to be promoting something “new” (and preferably, again shocking) is newsworthy.

This week’s World Over Live featured a segment in which Arroyo quoted some recent story in some rag that included a statement about the Pope “rejecting centuries of Church dogma” or some such idiocy.

It’s not surprising, although disheartening, when the secular media does this and the gullible public buys it. What should surprise and dishearten Catholics on CAF is when Catholics gleefully grab onto the distortions and refuse to consult authentic sources.

I believe you can safely place me in the category as one of those, as you say…surprised and disheartened Catholics!

Peace, Mark

This is the only pope that I can remember who has been interpreted in such radically different ways. His papacy has so far been quite divisive in that respect.

EENS is not a simple dogma. It’s very complex and has a great deal of nuance and history that must be understood. It is best left to the Holy See and those to whom the Holy See entrusts the apostolate to teach theology to interpret and explain EENS in context of ecclesiology. Without a strong knowledge of history and ecclesiology one can go to the extremes and become rigid to the point of being triumphalist and sectarian or so far to the other right to become indifferent to truth.

The Hypostatic Union is probably easier to explain than EENS.

Would that we all could live without labels, or rise above them. One think I like about this Pope is how he defies categories and speaks his mind freely.



Let em whine I say. I didn’t think much of people who complained about Pope Benedict, I don’t think much of those who complain about Pope Francis

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