Not Genuflecting a Sin?

I’m wondering whether not genuflecting can be sinful. For example, I was praying the Angelus as I was doing some errands and did not genuflect during the normal part because I was in the middle of a store. Would this be sinful because I was embarrassed to genuflect/thought it might look odd? Or is it okay to modify our devotions to be more private when we are out doing things like daily shopping?

Not sinful at all. You can pray whatever way you like.

Not a sin at all I was afraid you weren’t genuflecting when passing the tabernacle. Also many don’t know but the Angelus is to be said kneeling except Saturday at 6pm and Sunday. Thank you so much for praying the Angelus every day.

I think the Church would be both delighted - and richer - if more people said the Angelus in ANY posture.

Surely our real response should be to query which knee is to be used? Does Christ look to the perfection of the rubrics or the intention to pray? I think we can too scrupulously worry about the unnecessary externals rather than the purity of our souls.No sin here, move along now. Move along.

I wasn’t criticizing anyone when I said that. Btw you can always knock something over and pick it up if you want

I mean if you can kneel you absolutely should

In the middle of the supermarket? Did you read the OP?

So you’re saying that someone should deliberately knock to the floor merchandise that doesn’t belong to them, in order to pray the Angelus kneeling down in a public place? Just want to make sure I understand you.

I’m not sure if they changed the font on caf to unreadable or if you two just really like fighting. You guys are crazy.

Sin? No.

Bad manners? Yes.

Have you read the OP?
You would genuflect in the middle of a busy supermarket?
Don’t you think that this could be bad manners, if someone was put in danger of tripping over you?
Or even worse, cause people to think that Catholics were very odd, to say the least, and bring the church into disrepute, putting them off converting?

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