Not genuflecting before the altar table OK?

Is it OK if I don’t genuflect or bow my head when I’m facing the altar table? Some people do and some people don’t. What are the rules?

If I see the container box for the blessed sacrament behind the altar table, I will genuflect. Otherwise I don’t.

The only time I genuflect outside of the ordinary of the mass is in front of the blessed sacrament with the little red light on.

Before or after mass when entering or exiting the pews I don’t genuflect. Because I know the container box for the blessed sacrament is not there.

Do I have to genuflect before the altar table or when exiting and entering the pews?

What do the rules say?

Thank you.

We genuflect when we pass by the tabernacle (GIRM 274). If the tabernacle is empty or not located nearby, then we bow our heads to the altar when we pass by it (GIRM 275b, Ceremonial of Bishops, No. 72).

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