Not getting charged by large company

A couple years ago I purchased some fertilizer from a large company and never got charged for it. I talked to them a couple times about it but they could never find the right tickets for it. It is sold by weight and the company put it on the ground for me. I still haven’t paid them for it and they don’t seem to care about it as it was a really small amount. What should I do? I think if I talked to them now they would have no idea what I was talking about. I know the scrupulous people shouldn’t look in the past but these types of things kinda bother me. Thanks!!

You made an honest attempt to pay for the item. You have done nothing wrong and need not pursue it further.

Donate the amount due them to a parish food bank to feed the hungry…just my thoughts.

I once found a $20 bill on the ground…i added it to my usual donation to the parish feed the poor ministry.

I agree. You made the effort to pay them and it didn’t work out. Perhaps you would feel better if you took the money you would have paid and donated it to charity instead.

Discuss the matter (and others) with your “regular confessor”. Such is key for those who struggle with scruples. They need a “regular confessor” who knows them and can direct them.

Two personal experiences:

Years ago there was a payment made to my student loan balance that I didn’t make. I contacted the lender several times, but nothing was ever done about it. :shrug:

When our family signed up with a cable TV company for Internet services, our cable box didn’t have the right “channels” for the Internet. The service tech had to flip a switch for us to access the Internet. By flipping the switch, he also gave us access to a number of TV channels not in the package we subscribed to. When I asked him if we would be charged for the extra channels, he said “They’ll send someone out in a few days to change the switch.”

A few days became a few years, and the company never sent anyone out to change the switch, so we got a whole lot of extra TV for the entry-level price. I figured it wasn’t worth it to the company to pay a tech to come out and do it. Or the tech never put in the work order. :shrug:

I can’t do their jobs for them. I have enough work keeping track of my own.

Forget that cr*p!

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