Not getting help with anxiety,scruples,depression, and more considered a sin


Hi, I haven’t been on this website for a long time.through the questions I’ve asked the answerers have come back to me with very helpful things that have helped me so much. In there answers sometimes are that I have scruples or anxiety but I’m not sure I if I do, I do think a lot if things are a sin and most of them aren’t so that’s subject matter right there but I am still not sure if I have any of these disorders and what I’ve been worried about is if I don’t get help with these disorders (I’m still not sure if I do have disorders) that I will be sinning. I believe that I won’t but I am not always right


Speaking to a priest would answer those questions. You can make an appointment through the parish office to speak to one


I’m a very nervous and shy person it would be very hard for me to


Do it anyway. It’s Jesus waiting to receive you xx


That’s okay. Most likely your priest has met with other people that have experienced what you are. He will be able to offer advice for you specifically.


I’m not sure if I have these disorders and basically all of them I have gotten through and haven’t torn me down. Once one of these nervousnesses come to me after a bit I know that they aren’t sins


And I just leave them alone


But apparently this issue is causing you to be uncomfortable.

Just go to a priest that you trust and respect. You are imagining it to be worse than it almost surely would be. If you are confused in your spiritual life, it keeps you from growing. Not to mention it would be great to feel comfortable about this issue, wouldn’t it?


this, Please speak with your Priest, even if you begin the conversation in the Sacrament of Reconcilliation.


Yes, a priest is the one to answer your questions face to face. He’s trained to do that. The only thing I have to add, really, to what @Irishmom2 and others have already said, is that asking a bunch of anonymous posters on a comments thread ain’t gonna do you no good. It’s not what you need, okay?


If you could target what is bothering you specifically it could help.

For instance, I am bothered by cruelty and wish I could change it. You may have other things you feel bothered about.

I had hoped I would have been gone by now is another example. It seems you don’t know exactly what is bothering you but are kind of all over the place.


Not helpful to the OP!!! You don’t start talking about sin when they may have scruples. You suggest a Priest or mental health provider.


Im not sure what you mean by OP? I have been in hospitals before with people with mental illnesses. I could not help but notice some people talking about wanting to “help”. I could not help but notice that they went in a downward trend until they got there. Therefore, their wages of sin screwed them up, no offense. The way I see it though, God would not reward people for trying to knock over society, and punish them for trying to save it. There for, people who help others building up society and individuals are rewarded, and people that dont do what is in the best interest of all are pushed downhill. I have seen this in my own life as well. Therefore, the wages of sin are death, the wages of righteousness are life. I do see exactly why it says “slave to Allah” in Islam, because people would not choose to get screwed up for not helping or trying to what is overly detrimental to others. It is more like a guiding influence. It pushes for the best of all possible worlds for “God.”


OP stand for “Original Poster.” Being in a mental hospital doesn’t qualify you as knowledgeable about scruples and other mental illness. You are also not Catholic and therefore are not fully aware of The Sacrament of Reconciliation and all that it entails. Furthermore there is a big gap between “slave to Allah,” and “child of God!”


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