Not getting the mass under Summorum Pontificum

Our PP says he’s sympathetic toward the old mass and he can say it, he’s very worried though what the lberals in the parish will say. The libs are still in somewhat authority in this particular parish. We are a big group requesting it. He has not acted or said anything yet.
I’m starting to lose my patience and attend the SSPX mass though I’ve never done it before. So instead of a reconciliation people get more dissapointed and hardened in their positions. Why is God allowing the liberals to destroy His Church?

The pastor sounds like he is a conflict avoider, so you need to take that task away from him.

How about proposing a parish meeting, or a topic for a Parish Council meeting, at which this will be discussed? Have the Motu Proprio text in hand. If the TLM will not displace any existing Mass, it should not affect the more modern-inclined.

So much the better that you have a sizable group. Explain that you will handle all responsibilities yourselves. If the Music Director or Sacristan, for example, is not inclined towards the TLM, be ready to propose individuals who can take on these responsibilities.

Ultimately your strongest argument will likely be, you guys leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone. If the Holy Father supports it, so should a parish like yours. Stay away from any NO vs. TLM polemics; that will degenerate the discussion.

there is NO “youz guys and us guys” there is only the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ on Earth, in heaven and in purgatory. If your natural desire to experience the Latin Mass leads you to think otherwise, get over it. I have no idea what you mean by “liberals” but if that denotes a group of people who think the Church is only about them, they also need their attitudes adjusted.

<<Why is God allowing the liberals to destroy His Church?>>

Where did you get the idea that it was just liberals?

Ultra-trads do their numbers on the Church, too.

But NOBODY can “destroy” the Church, as Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against it.

If you say ANYBODY is destroying the Church, you are simply disregarding what Jesus said.

Bishops are doing their part too.
It was only Peter who recieved that promise.

AlexB has it right, that your pastor is a conflict avoider.

puzzleannie has it right, that there should be no “us guys”.

You can try to call a meeting, but be preapred for it to dissolve into anything but a “us vs. them”. It might not, but be prepared.

The MP outlines what needs to be done. If your pastor will not give you a Latin Mass according to diocese norms, and you think you have enough people to require one in your parish (and you will need proof of this), then your next step is to go to the bishop, politely and respectfully, and explain what you have explained here: Father has stated he is sympathetic and can celebrate an EU Mass, but he is fearful of repercussion stemming from those who prefer the OU Mass (Please don’t call them “libs”). Ask what he (the bishop) considers your next move to be, as a group. You should either get your local EU Mass, or you will be referred to another group within your diocese that handles EU Masses. If it is the latter, and it is too far for your group to attend, you then need to tell that to the bishop. If you still get no response, the MP then directs you to a Vatican office.

Please do not jump the chain-of-command.

If you are not respectful, or threaten the bishop with SSPX, then you are the one who will be in schism, sadly.

If memory serves, Peter did his part to destroy the Church too.

To separate the sheep from the goats would be my guess.

Fr. Dan Cooper said that we took our Holy Religion for granted, and so He allowed this to help us appreciate His gifts to us through His Church.

He allowed the corruption, as He did in the days of Noe, of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. He always avenges His people. We’re a time of great mercy, let us pray for their conversion to God our Father and the Church our Mother.

Get organized. Get a list of names. Get a list of money pledged to secure necessary supplies. Approach the pastor in an organized fashion and simply ask him, “What day and time work best for you to say a private Mass, Father?” If he still won’t do it, ask him if you could find a time to use the church and find a another priest in the diocese to say the Mass. If he still won’t help, then simply go to the bishop, with all your names and pledges and ask him to help you find a priest and location to have this private Mass.

Above all, pray, stay calm and realize that all of this is part of God’s plan for you! Don’t get discouraged! Do the right things with charity and humility and you will be rewarded. You may not be rewarded in the manner or timeframe that you would like, but that is all part of surrendering to His plan.


Wrong. Re-read it.

Jesus didn’t say, “The gates of hell will not prevail against St. Peter.” He said, “The gates of hell will not prevail against the CHURCH.”

This is sort of like a question that has popped into my mind.

What if no priest wants to celebrate the EF?

The Motu Proprio does not grant a right to the laity to have the EF celebrated. It only grants a right to the priest to celebrate the EF privately or semi-privately.

In this case though, as far as my reading is, if the pastor does not wish to celebrate it and you do have a large group then you should approach your bishop to see if he can get you a priest who is willing. This is not a decision that the parish should have a say in other than requesting it be done.

Those who do not want to have it done really should not have any say in the matter.

Perhaps a collective formal request should made to the priest to celebrate the 1962 missal. Sure several people may have asked the priest to do informally but such requests and decisions of this manner should be done formally. The priest just can’t make such an addition/change because several people have requested to do so informally. He isn’t a conflict avoider, he just can’t make such a decision based on a request made privately in an informal conversation. It is easy to think that he won’t listen but you have to understand that he has to tend to his whole flock and can’t make large decisions without formal requests and having the whole community being completely informed on the issue.

Jesus was talking to Peter. The indefectability of the Church is founded on the petrine ministry.

Una Voce ( has an area on their website detailing step-by-step how to go about requesting the Mass per the MP. Documentation is key, and they give you a lot of samples. Unfortunately the way the Church works today - especially at the diocesan level - you need to think like a lawyer sometimes (think “wise as serpents”)

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