Not important compared to other things, but animal lovers will understand


We took on an elderly cat that a friend had been feeding for over a year after her owner died. The cat had to find a new home as the house was to be demolished, and she came to live with us. She has bad arthritis and can’t/won’t jump or climb on anything. She tends to want to go out at night and wanders off when she manages to get out, but in the past has always come back after 12 hours or so. She has been missing this time for two days and we are afraid she has been shut in by accident (she can’t climb fences and gates that other cats can) or fallen somewhere where she cannot get out. She isn’t the sort who would call back when she hears our voices, so we can’t be confident we haven’t walked right past her when out looking and calling. She deserves better than a slow lonely death. :frowning: H is taking it very badly.

Please pray for her safe return.

(Please don’t point out that other things are more important than one cat - we all know that, thanks.)

I’m grateful for your prayers.


Praying for your cat’s return and protection. Jesus cares. God bless.


May St Francis find this cat for you soon




Thank you wing, Trishie and rocket. I’m out of town but just got a message she came home at 2.45am in the pouring rain.

We are very, very grateful for your prayers.


Would be grateful for your prayers again.

She’s done it twice since, gone for three days the second time and this time it is day six with no sign of her. At her age, it doesn’t look good.

Thank you.


prayers for a safe return of this beloved cat…



Having had cats in our family all my life I know exactly how you feel. Praying that she’ll return home safely!


Oh I am such an animal lover and I know what you are going through. When a cat cannot jump anymore it is a sign of serious illness. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news. When the cat returns make sure to get it to the vet asap. I will certainly pray for your loving friend.

I lost my cat 8 years ago and still miss him terribly.

I am praying for your cat as I know how awful you must feel. May he/she return safely and immediately start searching for that dish of food. Then of course find momma’s loving lap.

God Bless you.

PLEASE keep us updated!


Thank you Kate, Ben and Ruby.

No sign of her yet so please keep up the good work!

Ruby, we took her straight to the vet as soon as we got her because I recognised straight away that she had mobility problems. She had been well fed over the year but of course no one was with her for very long to observe these sorts of things. She was on a daily dose of anti-inflammatory which made things a little better for her, and recently she even managed to climb a tree. I think a lot of the reluctance to jump is now habitual but all the same you can see from her walk that she doesn’t have normal mobility.

I will keep you posted. Even if she doesn’t come back, I hope we can at least find her and know what has happened to her.



Dear St. Francis, Please guide this family to their precious pet cat.


O man! :frowning: The hardest part of this is the not knowing. I will pray.


that little chickie wouldn’t get out of my house again until she said ten Hail Marys.


Thank you, everyone.

You are right about not knowing … if we knew she’d had a heart attack under next door’s house six days ago, that would be one thing, but we don’t know that she hasn’t got herself stuck somewhere that she can’t get out of.

We’ve checked the back creek and asked all the neighbours about garages and sheds with doors.

Thank you for caring about our little old lady.


Guitar, praying for your cat. My cat Charlie went missing for three days last summer and it was agonizing not knowing where he was.

I hope and pray that your cat’s story will have a happy ending. May St. Francis of Assisi and St. Seraphim of Sarov work together to bring her home safely! :byzsoc:


Nothing yet, friends. We’re doing a local letterbox drop tonight, as she was too arthritic to have walked very far, and we have re-checked the creek, underneath neighbours’ houses, etc.

Not looking good at all, but we keep praying.


Praying for your cat. And for you and yours.


Praying for a quick return of your cat, or at least that she is not suffering. As a member of the ASPCA and Humane Society, I really do sympathize!


Praying! I have 3 inside cats and I would be devastated if something happened to them. Right now they are our “children” until we have babies and we love them very much. Please keep us informed!

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