Not in a state of grace


Are there any third orders that will take you if you are not in a “state of grace”?
My marriage is irregular…


I suggest trying to get your marriage worked out. It’s of more concern about that more than anything else at the moment. Talk to a priest about it and then ask about getting into a third order. He may know of some groups that meet in your area. Or, once you get your marriage taken care of, you could write your Bishop. I think he would know who to contact about that. Not saying that he knows of every single third order that meets in the Diocese, but he could send you the info to check out the different ones.


Thanks. It’s a rather complicated situation and would entail getting my husband to dredge up old wounds and papers he no longer has. It would also be completely meaningless to him.

Looks like all aspects of my Church are closed to me then.


The Church is not closed to you or anybody. It simply requires us to meet our end of the bargain. If you have a previous marriage that needs to be annulled, meet with your priest for advice. I know it can be difficult especially if your husband is unwilling, but the value of our eternal life is so very great and worth protecting. :hug3:


I would recommend contacting the marriage tribunal of your diocese. I am not about to have you explain ‘irregular’ in a public setting like this. If there is absolutely no chance of reconciliation after marriage counseling, then see what options there are available to you.

The church has a compassionate heart, so don’t be discouraged. In this case, state of grace would have to do with your ability to receive the sacraments without incurring sin. If you married a divorced person without an annulment for their previous marriage, and still received communion, that would be considered a sin.

As I said, contact the marriage tribunal. They would be your best resource.


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