Not just "Traditional" Priests with TLM

I talked with one of my priest friends today (I won’t name who), and he informed me that he is planning to offer the TLM after 9/14. The interesting thing, I thought, in our discussion: he wants to offer the TLM (for a few members in his parish who show an interest in it) but he told me explicitly that he likes the Novus Ordo better. I’m not making any judgment on this, but I think it’s really interesting that it’s not only “traditional”-minded priests who plan to offer the TLM, but other Latin priests as well. And no, he doesn’t plan a Clown TLM. He told me he’s been studying the TLM the past year and has been assisted by a Mass kit. :slight_smile:

I am sure it is not unusual for priests to be aware of the what the Holy Father is saying and to accomodate his wishes.

Originally Posted by Malcolm McLean:
I am sure it is not unusual for priests to be aware of the what the Holy Father is saying and to accomodate his wishes.

Yes. What I think is really cool with this priest, though, is that he’s been working on it for the past year, long before the motu proprio was issued. :slight_smile:

That is really good. It seems to me he wants to be prepared in all liturgies of the Latin Rite and that is both wise and to be commended. Even if the NO is the normative mass Priests should have continued to be trained on the TLM and to have learned Latin. IMHO anyway.

Here is a bishop (Bishop Matano of Vermont) that will be offering it himself ar an upcoming Feast day in response to the MP :thumbsup:

The Novus Ordo is easier. The instructions for celebrating it are not as detailed- so you don’t have to pay much attention to how far you hold your arms out, or anything like that. If it’s in the vernacular language, the priest doesn’t have to speak Latin all the time (which saves our ears, if their Latin pronunciation is like that of many people I have heard). There are more readings, and some parts of the Mass that are inaudible to the congregation in the Tridentine Mass are spoken aloud in the Novus Ordo.

Bishop Finn of Kansas City said he prefers the Novus Ordo, but respects the Tridentine Mass, and he will offer it at the Cathedral in Kansas City in September. Many priests in his generation and younger (who don’t really remember the Tridentine Mass) are very orthodox, but the Tridentine Mass is not what they are used to at all.

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