Not like this is a problem, but

… If I were to join the seminary, would I have to sacrifice my iPhone and/or laptop? Even if this is an FSSP seminary? It isn’t an issue just wondering.

I think, and don’t be offended, that you give up much more. Please don’t be angry, but if the dilemma are leave your Iphone and lap-top home, do you really want to be a priest? If you have the vocation that is not a problem.

Not sure about FSSP, but in our local seminary, most, if not all of the men have both cell phones and laptops. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I have heard that FSSP take away such things in order for seminarians to lean to detach from possessions.

As I stated above, if the seminary didn’t allow it, then it would not be an issue for me. I was just wondering in terms of practicality, etc.

In the FSSP seminary, you may not have a cell phone. You may have a laptop FOR CLASSES! You may not use it for email or social networking.

God Bless. :highprayer:

Chastity? Check.

Poverty? Check

Obedience? Check

“No Iphone” policy? I don’t know, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

         OP, no disrespect, I was just kidding.

Hey, Steve Jobs knew how to create loyalty in his customers! :wink:


Honestly speaking most of those things may become/are distractions.

Yes. In your first year (FSSP Nebraska) you are not allowed to use the computer for anything but emails I believe - and even after that there are internal restrictions on websites such as Youtube and facebook from what I remember from seminarians there. Also no cellphones are allowed at any time in the seminary I think.

God Bless and may you be a good and holy Priest +

No idea about FSSP (I’ll go along with what others have already said) but, as a seminarian, let me just put it this way: I’m currently typing this on my laptop (pretty much everyone has one in my seminary) and my iPhone’s in the pocket of my jeans (mine isn’t the only iPhone either).

The real question is whether you own your possessions or whether they own you?

In fact I have heard that the saints and angels are standing on line waiting for his latest e(ternity)Phone…We won’t get it for a while, I’m afraid…


oh, wait…he wasn’t a Christian…:frowning: Well maybe at the end he changed his mind.

It depends on the individual seminary.

I am unaware of the policies at FSSP seminaries, but I know of some diocesan seminaries that prohibit seminarians from having cell phones.

Most seminaries allow the seminaries there to have cell phones, and laptops. It’s common, however, that you need to log in with a unique username whenever you use the internet on-campus. If the automated system were to detect that you were visiting a website that was not suitable for your state of life, your spiritual director usually receives an automated email about it.

The seminary I attend allows phones and laptop to a degree. Basically you can’t be always seen with playing around on a laptop or phone all the time

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