Not living my faith, but I still know it's the correct one

Well, this doesn’t sound like a great foundation for a lifetime commitment, so good luck with that.

The Church will still be there for you someday when she’s not.

Marriage itself is anything but a guarantee of commitment; take a peek at divorce rates for proof of that. She’s committed to me, not to marriage.

I think you underestimate her greatly.

Well, my advice would be to remind you that you are in serious sin, and that unconfessed and unrepentant sin leads one to hell. Not what you want to hear, obviously, but the truth. Time is short, and you need to get right with God. You may feel great, as you note, but feelings are immaterial. What matters is obedience and truth.
You would not be posting here if you didn’t have some guilt, and that guilt is a wake up call from God. It is often difficult to answer it, but it is necessary to do so. Why are we on earth? To know, love, and serve God in this life and to be happy with Him in the next. So the question to ask yourself–are you doing that?

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Maybe. I don’t feel like I’m going to hell, though. I realize that statement doesn’t hold much weight, but it’s true.

Honestly, no guilt. More curiosity, I suppose, as to what folks would think.

To the best of my ability. I feel like my partner helps me a lot in that, honestly.

The way I see it, you are currently in a journey. If it were not for your girlfriend, you might even decide at this time to return to the Church. Consider what the next step in your journey might be.

I have heard about Catholic women in war-torn countries who were living immorally just to keep their children alive. They attended Mass but did not receive the Eucharist. Instead, they prayed that their situations would be rectified.

I would suggest that you do what you can to live as a Catholic except for receiving the sacraments. Go to Mass, pray each day, and especially pray for your girlfriend and the rectification of your situation. Learn more about the Faith, read the Bible and the writings of the saints.

Tomorrow is the 1st of October, one of the 2 months dedicated to Our Lady. Praying to her for her intercession, especially the Rosary, grants us even more graces than usual.


We both prefer “partner”. We’re long past the boyfriend / girlfriend thing. Also, I would say chances are strong that I might be dead if not for her, so who can say? My next planned step is likely a return to higher education.

One could say that living in such a way as to keep their children alive isn’t immoral to begin with, if that is the only option open to them. Either way, yes to prayer.

Maybe. If God takes her away, though, I probably won’t be coming back.

Sorry about that!

So, even a PhD program allows for some free time.

And that may indeed be the case: we do know know because God did not choose to reveal that to us. However, they continued, as much as they could, to follow Christ.

If she were to leave, it would be her decision that she makes irrespective of anything else, so why would you blame God for that?

No worries, fam.

Very true, though I’ll be working full-time too.

As well they should have. No arguments here.

'cause He literally took the family I grew up with away. I have no support network and would be very much alone in the world, by and large. I’m not claiming to be reasonable, it’s just how I feel.

You have my sympathies; you are young for this to have happened to you and it is a terrible loss.

May I make one little suggestion? Obviously you don’t have to do it! Offer thanks to God–maybe in the morning when you wake up, thank Him for 2 or 3 of the good things in your life by name, or during the day when something good happens. Even for the good things your partner brings to your life.

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Oh, I do. Every day, and all through the day. I try to keep God centered as much as I may in my thoughts, and I do still pray. Thank you for your sympathies, too. I don’t spout what’s happened to me as a “Poor me” thing, but it has certainly impacted my life in a massive way.

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