Not Orthodox, but Likes Orthodox Saint

Can someone who is not part of the Orthodox church have an Orthodox saint as one of their patrons? St. Macrina the Elder shares a feast day on my birthday so I was wondering. :confused:

Most, if not all, of the saints recognized and venerated in the Orthodox Churches are also recognized and venerated in the Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches who are in communion with the Church of Rome; this includes many post-Schism saints such as Gregory Palamas, Theophan the Recluse, Seraphim of Sarov, etc. Some have perhaps been removed from the liturgical calenders due to what we call “latinization” (e.g. Rome required some of the Slavic Churches, such as the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church, to remove Gregory Palamas from their liturgical calanders. To my knowledge, however, he was never removed from the calender of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church and has since been restored on the calenders of the various Slavic Churches. Pontius Pilate is also traditionally venerated as a saint among the Ge’ez/Eritrean Catholics, but has sadly been removed from their calender. Whether or not this is an instance of Latinization I do not know), but they are still recognized and venerated at least at the popular level if not also at the liturgical level. There is no problem, therefore, if you choose to have a particular devotion to an Eastern (even Orthodox) saint.

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