Not Real Christianity But Old Testament Judaism in Disguise

I’ll admit I haven’t watched the video yet, but the title caught my eye.
Did Christ not fulfill the Old Testament? Should we not seek the fulfillment of the Old Testament? Wouldn’t the NEW contain the OLD as the OLD contains the NEW?

The whole premise seems rather pointless. How can it be in disguise if it is open fulfillment?

I guess I’ll have to watch it to find out.
Here’s the video if interested:

It appears I posted the link to this video prematurely. These guys are extremely boring. And to think there are 16 episodes to this. I’ll never make it that far.

Despite that, I still think it is a false premise to claim Catholicism is Judaism in disguise when Catholicism is the fulfillment of Judaism.

If the Old contains the New, then the New must contain the Old.

Am I mistaken in this?

Of course you’re correct.

The sad thing is that most of these would-be Marcionists first will see Jewish stuff where it’s not, and then ignore it when it really is there.

Surely Christ came not to abolish but fulfill the Law? i.e the old Testament.

Catholicism as fulfilment of O.T Judaism is exactly what our Lord wished and commanded.

What is their Problem exactly? I will give the vids a try but I won’t be able to watch all 16 if they are that bad

The Jews were waiting for a Savior.Jesus was this savior.Therefore He fulfilled the OT.He didn’t come to change the Jewish law.that wasn’t His purpose.

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