Not really playful definitions


Do you agree with the following definitions?

  1. Religion is what you practice along with those people who worship the same god as you do?
  2. Superstition is what all those people practice who worship a god different from yours?



Q: Who belong to a religious sect?
A: Those people who attend the services in a church next to yours?



No. +10 characters


No, religion is an organized attempt to enter into relationship with God (or gods) as you understand the concept of deity.

Superstition is an attempt to circumvent that God (or gods) to get your own way or learn things that aren’t appropriate for you to know.

Yes, I know Hindus and a couple Buddhists , and nothing in their worship is what I consider superstition…
Theologically incorrect, but not superstitious.


The word religion can be used in many different ways to mean many different things. Most words have more than a single definition. These definitions aren’t how most people use them. Superstition is like believing in good luck charms or horoscope and they don’t have deities.


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