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Now I wasn’t entirely sure which board to put this on, but I suppose it fits here as well as anywhere. If anyone reads Mike Adam’s articles on, they will have noticed two articles last month about oppressive administrative action at two so-called “Catholic” universities, Marquette and Gonzaga. Specifically, the adminstration suppresses the efforts of Christian and/or pro-life groups to form actual clubs on campus, while letting pro-coice clubs form. As Dr. Adams points out in his articles, as private universities, they are not bound by the first amendment, but at the same time their actions are deplorable. Personally I’d like to see the adminstrations flooded with e-mails, letters, and phone calls. But really, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter. I’ve posted links to the articles below. God bless.

McCarthyism at Marquette
God and Man at Gonzaga


We never hear about how Catholic Colleges follow the church’s social teachings in their employment practices.


Yeah, Sarge, I’d sure take Dr. Adams as an authoritative voice on the Catholicism of Catholic universities.



[quote=John Higgins]Yeah, Sarge, I’d sure take Dr. Adams as an authoritative voice on the Catholicism of Catholic universities.


I’m not sure it quite follows, John, that one must first be an authority on an issue in order to make a valid point about it. But even if that was the case, I think he has more credibility than you perhaps allow him. As a Protestant Christian, he holds some values, at least, that you do (e.g., justice, honesty, and the sanctity of life). When dealing with such issues I don’t think it would be any different if he commented on an Evangelical university. Also, as a lawyer and professor he has valuable insight into legal and university matters. There’s some more “authority” for you. Perhaps Dr. Adams and I personally cannot question Marquette or Gonzaga for being un-Catholic, since we are Protestant. We can, however, question them for being un-Christian.


I suspected Dr. Adams was Protestant; didn’t know you were. I didn’t say what I did because I thought he wasn’t Catholic, I said what I did, because he (as he very often does) had not communicated with the other side.



I love Dr Adams!! Great (and funny) editorals. He brings up valid points. I didn’t read the article in question, but I will.

Protestants and Catholics are on the same side when it comes to Christ! And the same side if we are pro-life and defenders of free expression of religious faith!!

Catholic Universities who shun Catholic teaching: Ah, liberalism.


Here’s a copy of some of what I wrote to Father Spitzer:

Dear Father Spitzer,

I just read an article entitled “God and Man at
Gonzaga”, by a Dr. Mike Adams. I guess you just can’t
win, Father. I’m sure Dr. Adams was right out in
front cheering when you kept Planned Parenthood off
your campus. He wasn’t? This seems to be a cheap
shot to me.

…I just wanted you to receive a positive note while
you’re receiving negative notes from the lock-step

Keep on keeping on, Father. I’m sure St. Ignatius is


John Higgins

The problem with many of these articles is that often no one bothers to talk to the administration of these Catholic universities.



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