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So…this weekend I worked 11a-7p Saturday and 6a-2p Sunday and my parish(s) masses are 5:00 Saturday and 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday, so I couldn’t go to mass there. So I looked around for a church with a Sunday evening mass and found one and went all seemed great, except that the church I went to I wasn’t really sure where it was and I have never been there before, but I went anyhow and made it fine, but on the way home my GPS messed up and kept re-routing and I got very lost and hit a curb and broke my hub cap and also my break fluid light comes on while I’m lost, which didn’t make things any better. Lol. So I took my car to the shop today and they couldn’t get me in until Thursday, now I have to drive a car with weak brakes until then, which isn’t safe. Lol. Anyhow I’m not giving a sob story :joy: What I’m asking is was it worth it ? Does the Good Lord really want me to get lost, break my car, and cause myself extreme panic just to get to a mass !? I don’t think so, but I just wanna see what others think. I know work and illness are good reasons to not get to mass, but I still went because I could, like there was no reason for me not to go. Except that I’m not going to do that again, because I can’t afford to keep fixing my car. Lol. But I can attend mass when I work like this, but is it really worth all this ?

Going to Mass doesn’t really have anything to do with you needing brake fluid (you would have needed it anyway), and hitting the curb seems like driver error.


Yeah, it was my fault I hit the curb, but I wouldn’t have done it if I would have just stayed home. I guess a better way to put it is: I need my car for work, and I can’t ruin it because I can’t drive well in unfamiliar places so was this that important ?

Oh, I see. So other than going to work, you are never going to drive anywhere else, and you plan on never going anywhere using Garmin again? Cool. Let us know how that works out for you.

Seriously, your reasoning is illogical. And no, God doesn’t want you damaging your car, but that was on you. Your GPS messed up and you got lost, that is not something God did.

Sounds like you are just looking for reasons to miss mass.

Learning to drive in an unfamiliar environment is a crucial life skill if you plan to drive yourself around. You are always going to need to go to a place you’ve never been before, and learning to remain calm and prepare for unfamiliar roads is just wise.

Besides, driving it a few times is bound to make it familiar. Maybe try a few times when you don’t feel under a time crunch?

At the end of the day, with Mass I’d advise looking at it a different way. You don’t HAVE to go to Mass…you GET to go to Mass. It’s a celebration where the Heavens are rent, heaven touches Earth, and the God of all creation, who countless numbers of angel s praise forever comes to dwell in our very bodies through Eucharist. Now, I am not the best about always wanting to go to Mass, especially at times when I’m feeling morning sick, achy, exhausted, and the 1 year old is fussy…but I honestly believe that if each of us had true vision of what the Mass truly was, none of these excuses would even cross our minds. :slight_smile: I hope one day to fully understand, but I doubt it’s this side of purgatory! :slight_smile:


Did you survive it all? Are you alive and in good health? Did you make an extraordinary effort to present yourself as a living, breathing sacrifice at the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, in atonement for our sin and the sins of the whole world?

Then, you did well.

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So, if you had a date with somebody you really liked, and you had to drive to their neighborhood to drop them off at home and you accidentally hit a curb coming back, would you never date that person again because of what happened?

If your employer sent you to work at a different location, and on the way home from the new location you accidentally hit a curb, would you tell your employer you’re not working at that location any more because if you hadn’t had to drive there you wouldn’t have hit that curb?

Yet because you had to drive to a different church for Mass, and hit a curb on the way back, this is somehow God’s fault and you’re not going to drive anyplace for Mass again because if it wasn’t for you having to go to Mass you wouldn’t have hit that curb?

Do you realize how immature this all sounds?

As someone else said, learning to drive in unfamiliar areas and maybe being a little bit careful because you don’t know all the roads yet is a life skill that you should be learning.

Also, it’s Lent. Can you not offer up the small effort you made to go to Mass and the minor inconvenience of having a minor accident through your own carelessness?

If you’re looking for sympathy on this forum, you’re not going to be getting it. There are people on here who drive all over the place daily in order to find a daily Mass to attend that they aren’t obligated to go to, because they want to honor God and be with God and receive God. And you’re complaining because you had to drive out of your way to one Sunday Mass. That’s kinda lame considering all God does for you daily, like make you healthy and allow you to have a car, gas, and a GPS.


Continuing the discussion from Not sure 89101112131415:

Continuing the discussion from Not sure 89101112131415:

First of all, what is Garmin ? And I’m not looking for reasons to miss mass obviously I went. I don’t need a reason to miss mass because I had to work, which is a legitimate reason to miss mass.
I don’t need to explain what I do or don’t do to anyone, especially strangers on the internet.

I don’t need attitude from strangers on the internet. I was just asking a question.

No I probably wouldn’t. I don’t care for anyone that well.

I probably would tell my boss im not going because he knows I don’t drive that great

I didn’t say it was God’s fault.

What’s with this thread title, btw? What is the significance of “89101112131415?”

Maybe that’s something to consider before making a topic asking anonymous strangers on the Internet for feedback… :yum:


I needed to fill space because the title was too short

I really like the other poster’s idea of practicing driving to this other parish when you have plenty of time, so that it becomes familiar and easy to get to. Because work is an excuse to miss mass, but not if there is another parish near enough that has a mass outside of your work hours. Plus, it is nice to “get” to go to mass even when you need to work! :slight_smile:


Another idea for the future would to make the title longer by having it give more info on what you wanted to discuss. For example, “Stress trying to meet Sunday obligation at a new church”.

Flagged for rudeness. Have a nice day. Muting now.

Anyway, if traveling induced a panic attack, I don’t think people would be obligated to put themselves through that. However, barring that, and with having to go to a Sunday evening mass fairly likely due to your job, it probably would be a good idea to practice driving to it a few times so you’re familiar with it. Take a friend or relative if it helps make you feel more comfortable. This way, if you have a work conflict again, you’re already comfortable with the back up plan.


True. But I thought I would get better answers from people who claim to be Christians. I’m not pointing fingers because obviously I’m not the best Christian, I wouldn’t need to be one of i were perfect, but all the responses I’ve gotten have been rude and make me feel worse now because, no I’m not going to go there again whether I have to work or not. I’m sure all this being rude and arguing is making God proud :slight_smile:

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