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This is a sensitive topic and I’m not sure how to ask this but… lately I’ve had this feeling that I’m not going to be able to have children. I don’t know what to make of this feeling. I’ve thought this for a while since I have never had a normal cycle (i.e. skipping months, going for 6 mo or more w/o a period, bleeding heavily for a month solid) and my DH has also wondered. I’ve never asked a doctor about it or anything but for whatever reason lately, the feeling has been getting stronger and stronger, especially since so many of my friends are either pregnant or have just had their first child. I’ve not discussed the stronger feelings with my DH yet and I don’t know even what to say. I’m thinking I should see a doctor but I don’t know what to say or what to ask or what and if there can be any tests done to see. Can someone please help?


Print out what you just wrote and take it to an Ob/gyn. They can run endocrine tests on you, check your thyroid and see if you are hypothyroid. What is your weight? Are you terribly thin? Do you exercise a lot?

There is much a doctor can tell you. You need to know what the problem is that’s causing it. Fertility problems are usually a symptom of other problems. It takes a healthy body to produce a baby. So for your own good, please see a doctor.


Wonderful advice (the above post). And just think, if there is something wrong, the sooner you get to a doctor there will be more of a chance that the problem can be fixed. Putting it off will do nothing but possibly hurt you and/or your chances for having children in the long run.


Angel, make an appt. with your OBGyn and tell him/her exactly what you’ve said here. At the same time, you should find a NFP course taught by the Couple to Couple League, here’s where you can find a local teaching couple. You may also be interested in by Marilyn M. ShannonFertility, Cycles & Nutrition, or some of the other titles available on the CCL website.

There’s lots and lots of things you can do to find out what’s going on with your cycle, and whether or not you will be able to bear children some day. You’re going to have to educate yourself on yourself though, really learn about you and how your body works. Just keep researching, and don’t give up. You’ll find the answer. May God bless your efforts!


Thanks for the advice. I’m going to make an appt with a local doctor who is a Catholic and NFP/Fertility Awareness specialist. I appreciate all the advice!!


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Go to a doctor immediately!I left it and when I went I did have something simple wrong-polysystic ovaries, which were treated by cauterization and the next month I was pregnant.Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you away!I now have 2 beautiful children.


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