Not sure if i commited a mortal sin

ok well right now i feel like dying and running away from these problems that have been formed from a tragic event that occured a long time ago.

this is one of them…

well a long time ago, many months ago i dont know if i commited a mortal sin… at the time i thought i almost did, felt very sorry, confessed that i almost gave into it, and that was it. i was never really tempted to do it again.

but now its bothering me… im not sure if i did commit a mortal sin or not… i dont know why its bothering me…

but i go to church and pray and i have a good relationship with God and Our Mother has appeared to me … which happened after the incident… it was really cool… but i dont tell many about it because the story is kinda strange… i was in my parents room sleeping and they wer there too and … it sounded like they were going to do something… and so it made a noise to kinda tell them i was THERE and then in my mind an image of Mary appeared and i was always scared of seeing an apparition of her… but i felt a warm really big feeling of joy and hope.

i dont really want to give out the details of my situation but i want to talk to someone about it in a private message… is that possible? thanks everyone for the help (:

what was this ‘mortal sin’ supposed to be?

a sin can only be mortal if you know that it is evil and you do it with full consent.

If you’re not sure, then you didn’t.


It sounds like scrupulosity. Pray to God and ask for His strength to overcome this compulsion.

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