Not sure If I committed a sin

So last week I missed mass because I could not find my glasses because there is a class b restriction on my license. There is a civil law that says if you have a class b restriction on your license you can only drive with corrective lenses. I am worried I might have committed a significant sin. Or would the sin be mitigated because I have to wear corrective lenses when driving a car? So in response to this at mass I chose not to receive communion.

You did not intend to miss mass. Just try to be prepared next time.

We discourage people from asking “did I commit a sin” topics on these forums. There are many people with anxiety disorders regarding sin, and asking a bunch of anonymous strangers on the Internet (or reading the opinions of others) can reinforce the anxiety behavior. These questions, even when you might feel they are trivial, should be discussed with a priest in person.


As my priest would say, “ you’ll live.”

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You can’t sin by accident, so based on your “not sure” phrasing, it’s a pretty simple, “no you didn’t” from where I sit.


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