Not sure if i messed up my confession

Hey guys

So before I went to confession yesterday I kind of thought i should confess persumption but didnt really think about it that much and decided i hadent done it. I dont think I intended to withhold it. I didnt think about it anymore until after confession when I thought about it in depth and realized there was a specific moment when i had committed it. Idk if this counts as with holding it? I feel kind of bad that i didnt say it now since i thought if it before confession and its something ive confessed before. I didnt think of it in the confessional tho since i hadnt written it down on my list. If anything should i ask a priest first before repeating the confession?

In any event I think God used this situation to call me to stop this particular sin because i havent really been fighting it as much as i could.

What did you presume? Was it related to God’s forgiveness, or something more human?

Like i was thinking about spending time with a guy who i cant marry in the church so i think it qualifies as impure thoughts and then i was like i’ll just go to confession about this.

Not at all! Conversion is always possible. I was not even baptized when DW and I were married in the Church. I was grilled pretty thoroughly by the priest before he would agree to marry us.

Through a succession of miracles, both small and large, I came into the Church. We will celebrate 40 years in July.

Hey! Got an Examination of Conscience? It really helps - all Catholics - and they are very affordable at your local Catholic bookstore. Even online if you have other things to order. Here is the best I have found recently:

My favorite icon of Christ being on the cover is only icing on the cake! For only one thing, it teaches the difference between our imperfections and sin. I was Catholic for over 30 years before I learned that. Ooops. My bad there.

Anyway, not to worry. In order to sin, you have to know that something is sinful before you choose to do it. An opportunity (like helping to convert a soul) is certainly not sin! Rather, it might even have been placed before you by God.


Talk to your Priest about this. He can help you.

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