Not sure if I think Peter Kreeft's idea of Time in the afterlife is perfect- but how much better can we expect?

God is omnipotent but cannot create the paradoxical- like making a stone so large He can’t lift it.

The problem with linear Time (in my opinion) is that eternity is an awful long time and a complete end is too finite. Kreeft’s idea around this is that all eternity happens at once in Heaven, in a moment…a nice idea but not, in my eyes perfect.
BUT surely there are only a certain number of possible versions of Time that CAN exist before creating a paradox…I’d like to feel that, being God can do anything, if you don’t like the idea of a certain idea of time or what Heaven is like, no matter, it’s probably endlessly better than that. But can I think that with everything, when some things can only have a number of variants before you lapse into a dreaded paradox?

Well, eternity is outside linear time. Linear time only exists inside of space, and space only exists inside of linear time (actually, space and linear time are one-and-the-same). But God, Heaven, and Hell are outside both. Purgatory is an interesting case, as the “time” in Purgatory moves differently than linear time in the physical universe. And we don’t really understand how this “time” in Purgatory works.

Purgatorial time is probably psychological (in the true sense of “psyche” as soul.)

Consider that time in dreams is psychological: the “duration” of a dream is far different for our minds than for our somas. Likewise, Purgatory could be experienced as a kind if subjective time between our co-temporal and eternal embodiments.

Because progression through collinear time seems to require energy and entropy, there cannot be collinear time in the other life. But if Purgatorial time is subjective or psychological, this even solves how those alive at the end of Time do Purgatory.


Probably time in the afterlife will not matter since this eternity is now more present in us. Yet even in eternity there must be some form of time. Even before the Universe was created there must have been a decision by the Lord to decide to create it. It cannot have been in the mind of God to create the Universe until He had decided for it. God must have some sort of timeline even before the creation of the world. What this time is will only be speculation on our part yet the creation of this world must have had God to think it out at a particular moment since the Universe was created within that moment. If God lives in eternity as Prof. Kreeft speculates than this Universe must also had to exist within this eternity. Yet did God think about the Universe from all eternity or did He come to think about it within the timeline of what eternity He lives in? It is to my humble observation that God had not thought of the Universe until He did. That would mean that even within God there must be some kind of timeline that perpetuates His existence.

Well, you know what they say about analogies. Regardless, this is some of how I cover time in 6th grade:, and

Eternity is not time. Living in time means experiencing only an instant of your existence at a time–a sequence of instants. We are never in complete possession of ourselves–our selves in totality and not in sequence–until we are in eternity.

That’s not to say that we may not experience time in eternity. But we will experience it as we wish, not as we are obligated to in this life. We will experience it not as memory but as actuality. (But these are just my own thoughts.)

I suppose what I do not grasp (well, I grasp nothing of this, but let’s continue) is this:
that having glorified bodies in Heaven, we are functioning in space (for bodies take up space, unlike the angels). It would seem to me, just as a guess, that space and time are inseparable! No?

Furthermore it would seem that time, being a part of creation, should not utterly be obliterated, if none of the rest of creation be obliterated either, but rather, exalted and glorified.

Time is inseparable from space, but collinear time (leading down to decay and human death) is probably caused by entropy; we will not experience the same thing in the next life.


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