Not sure if last confession was valid

I recently went to my school confession a week ago, and I am not sure if it was valid or not. When I first learned of mortal sin, I thought I committed one, so I sat in the pew when we were supposed to go up to receive Holy Communion. All the kids in the class talked about me behind my back afterward, and asked me questions about why I didn’t go up to receive. I went to confession, like I stated above, and after confession I felt like I made a good and valid one. I just realized today that I confessed my first actual mortal sin, but with the motive that my friends and classmates wouldn’t talk behind my back. I think I also confessed because of fear of hell, but I am not sure if I did. I want to put God first instead of my social life, but I’m not sure if I want to only so my friends wont talk about me behind my back. I recently learned that blessings are not supposed to be given out during communion, even by the priest since there is one right after the Holy Eucharist. I am in doubt whether or not I was sufficiently sorry for my sins. I am in great confusion. Please help.

Even if you confessed because you feared hell your confession was still valid. You set a good example for your classmates by not going to communion while in a state of mortal sin, sadly a lot of people don’t seem to follow this rule.

I meant I said I was sorry for my sins so my friends wouldn’t talk behind my back. If any other motives besides fear of hell or fear of the loss of heaven, does it count for imperfect contrition. I do not want to go to hell, but I think I was mainly sorry because it could hurt my social life. I am not 100% sure though.

You now have at least three threads on basically the same theme. Why not just ask your confessor, as he is best equipped to help you? Tell him everything, believe everything he tells you, and obey whatever he commands you.

Is there a chance that you can talk to a priest about this, whether by e-mail or in person? I think you should talk to a priest.

Hello Eric67.

I answered you in your other thread. If you confessed a mortal sin and were given absolution, you are forgiven. Do your penance and try harder. All the emotions surrounding your fall and circumstances are simply feelings, not facts. The fact is you were forgiven. Trust Jesus. Pray to grow in trust of the Sacrament.

Check out the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It will help you. The end of the prayer is “Jesus, I trust in You!” Even St. Faustina had a bit of trouble trusting Jesus and had to work on it. Follow the link. You won’t regret it.


You are asking the same thing using different titles, Eric. Just confess your sins to the priest and be sorry with a resolve to try and not commit them again…and God will forgive you. Then you can receive Him in the Eucharist.

Eric Eric Eric.
Stop it.
You’re obsessing young man.
Be assured of your forgiveness in the Sacrament of confession.
Obey your priest.
Ignore your classmates.
You did the right thing,
And don’t open another thread about this.
It’s Christmas! Think about Jesus coming to earth for our salvation!
Merry Christmas.

You are way overthinking things. Speak to a priest about how you are obsessing on it, as people in this forum are not pastors.

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