Not sure what to do should i support them or not?

Does God love everyone equally including people of the LBGTQ+?

Yes. God loves everyone.
Not everyone turns to God, however, though he keeps a lamp on for them in hopes.

You can love fellow humans without condoning their lifestyle.


Of course! God loves each and every thing He creates. He strongly desires the salvation of all. Thus, with the rise in sexual disorder, we are called to pray heavily for the charity to treat each situation as a truly godly person would.

Do a few wear their sexuality on their sleeve? Yes, but they retain their basic human dignity. I see this as one of the Christian’s greatest challenges - to interact with them charitably and without compromising our faith.


St. Thomas Aquinas wrote on this in the Summa Theologiae, Question 20:

I answer that, Since to love a thing is to will it good, in a twofold way anything may be loved more, or less. In one way on the part of the act of the will itself, which is more or less intense. In this way God does not love some things more than others, because He loves all things by an act of the will that is one, simple, and always the same. In another way on the part of the good itself that a person wills for the beloved. In this way we are said to love that one more than another, for whom we will a greater good, though our will is not more intense. In this way we must needs say that God loves some things more than others. For since God’s love is the cause of goodness in things, as has been said (Article 2), no one thing would be better than another, if God did not will greater good for one than for another.

Yes, he loves everyone.

You can support the dignity of LGBTQ+ as people by being kind and welcoming to them.
You do not have to support their acts, which for the most part should be private anyway.
It is the same way you would support a heterosexual friend who was fornicating.

Yes God loves all human beings with love that surpasses our notions of “equality”. Beyond any measure.
And because love only exists in freedom, human beings have free will. We are the master of our own decisions and actions. Those actions are morally evaluated for all of us, not just LBGTQ folks. Our actions are part of our response to God’s love, or our rejection of it.

When we say that our actions are good or evil, we are not pronouncing judgment on a particular soul. That kind of judgment is for God. We are morally evaluating particular actions.

While we love all people as God loves them, we don’t support immoral actions of any kind. We exhort each other to be the best we can be. We should all expect to examine our lives honestly and be open to conversion. All of this is part of loving someone.

Prudence and wisdom help us discern the prudent time to exhort, and the time to pray, and the time for everything. But always with love in whatever we do. It can be a challenge.

God loves each individual person and not select groups, such as LGBT. You might as well ask if he loves football players, mountain climbers or ballerinas.

Regarding your question if you should support them or not.

If they are throwing a gala ball and fund raiser, I would probably not attend. However, if they are your neighbor, be the best neighbor. The kind of neighbor that, if you moved, they would be sad to see you leave.

God loves everyone equally. He loves a pagan serial killer as much as he loves a holy priest. However, that doesn’t mean he condones or accepts our sins. You should not support the LGBTQ+ community. :slight_smile:

Although it’s sometimes hard for us to understand, God loves everyone equally. Our lack of understanding doesn’t change that.

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