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It’s been a while since I have been to these forums, but I am hoping someone creative can help me. My husband is on day 4 of a 9 day, 1000 prayer novena. He is using his rosary to say the prayers. Today was his first day back at work since he started, and he found that he was often interrupted and would lose track of where he was. We used to have some of those finger rosaries, but can not locate them. His rosary is too bulky to use while at work (he is an anesthesiologist). Can anyone help me think of something we could make that would allow him to keep it in his hand or in his pocket and help him keep track of his prayers? Since this is only a 9 day novena (that he has already started) we don’t really hvae the time to order something.



5 different small strips of lace or ribbon that are all different in size and texture? Maybe you have stuff at home that you can cut up that fits this description.

Or, shoelaces knotted with different knots in each one?

I have no idea. I should try to think about how hard it is to do this devotion.


I used paper clips! I had them lined up on my desk; large for Our Father and smaller ones for the Hail Marys, and just slid them over to the other side of the desk. Your husband can put them in his right hand pocket and transfer them to the left side, if he is not at his desk.


A thousand prayer novena? During a working day? As an anesthesiologist?
Take vacation.


I’d suggest sacrifice beads because you slide on bead up the stand of cord and it stays in place. There’s a website here that tells how to make them. All you need is cord that’s narrow enough (I’ve used a stand of elastic that I already had and ten smaller beads and one larger one. If you have a cross or medal to put at the end you can, but if you don’t it’s still a great way to count off prayers. I made one for my husband and he takes it with him now instead of his rosary. And they’re pretty simple to make, I think the suggestion on one site that I saw suggested it as a class project for kids.


Maybe you or your daughter (if you have one) have a bracelet with beads?


Thanks so much for the responses. I just text paged him with the paper clip idea. (although, now that I think about it, he may only have one pocket in his scrubs. Hmmm). I thought that was the best suggestion since he is already at work for the day.

I will check out the website with the sacrifice beads that REDSOXWIFE mentioned. Thanks for the link!

I was looking at our own jewelry and my daughters’ bead kit, but could not figure out something that would allow him to keep track when he stops. The ten bead counting is easy, but he gets frequently interrupted and then looses track of where he is. Part of the issue is that he added an Our Father and a Glory be at the beginning and end of each set of 10 prayers, so he is saying 100 OF and GB in addition to the 1000 novena prayers. It takes him about 3+ hours a day of praying.

JULIAN - I wish we/he could take a vacation! He had the weekend off, and took Monday off because he was in so much pain he could not function. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Not of the novena in general, nor of the fact that I doubted God COULD heal him. I just wondered if it were in God’s plans right now. My husband felt that God told him his pain was a sort of punishment for him not saying the Divine Mercy novena with me during Easter. And that now he should say this novena for a healing. I struggled with that because I do not feel that God punishes us like that. However, my husband felt strongly that God was calling him to do this. Maybe as a way to help him realize that he needs to make more time for God, and that all his excuses that he is too busy are simply that…excuses. Father blessed my husband after mass on Sunday and he experienced a tangible feeling of warmth wash over him, and a brief (several hour) respite from his pain. He feels like that was God’s way of reminding him that he can have what he needs if he simply “asks” for it, which he is now doing in the form of this 1000 prayer novena.


Redsoxwife--thanks for posting that link! (I know what my next project will be! ;) ) This sounds like a good rosary for walkers, joggers and car drivers too!

Would love to know if this is a specific novena or something your husband has made up on his own to follow? It sounds like an awesome task to be able to stick to!

I agree with you that God does not punish people in the way your husband feels is happening to him. Still, I admire his devotion to God in trying to accomplish the novena while he is working and not on "vacation" time. :thumbsup:

I hope that he is feeling better soon. You are blessed to have a husband that takes his Faith so seriously. May God bless you and guide you both.


[quote="Irishmom2, post:8, topic:198879"]

Would love to know if this is a specific novena or something your husband has made up on his own to follow? It sounds like an awesome task to be able to stick to!


He read about it here.
(And no, the doctor in the article is not my husband :) )

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