Not taking Eucharist on Easter?

I wanted to go to confession before Easter, but I have to admit I did procrastinate. The last time I confessed was near Christmas, and I wanted to confess again after that because I felt the priest was being to lenient on me, and told me right away it wasn’t a sin (when I was trying to explain a thought to him… I didn’t finish completely but I think he knew where I was going with it). Anyway, I don’t think I have done any mortal sins, but I really can’t be sure of it. So, my question is… would it be OK to take Eucharist during Easter mass, and go to confession after? Or, is it OK to not take Eucharist on Easter??

You are obliged to take the Eucharist during the Easter season - not on Easter, specifically. If you are concerned that you might be in mortal sin, you MUST go to Confession first. If you examine your conscience and still don’t think you’re in mortal sin, I don’t see why you couldn’t receive Holy Communion. :smiley:

You need only receive the Holy Eucharist once per year - and that, during the Easter season, and not on Easter itself. So, you are not boxed in.

If you are accurate here then you haven’t committed any.

My suggestion is that you don’t take a chance with your soul.Since it has been some time since your last confession, you could very well have committed a mortal sin you forgot about. It could have been something subltle and simple, like watching a racy program on TV, or watching a TV comedian deliver a quasi-anti religious diatribe without turning it off. After all, we live in a secular and materialist society and none of us are saints! In fact, I’m sure many of us tend to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt…we are only human.
I suggest that you go on line to any one of the “examination of conscience” sites and follow their directions. Then, go to Confession at the earliest opportunity, and ask the priest to lead you through a general confession. The reason I suggest this is that none of us have perfect memories, and it is better not to take a chance with your immortal soul. You will feel so much better afterward.

Would those really be mortal sins? Wouldn’t it depend on why you didn’t turn it off… and also on whether you were aware that it was sinful. If you are not conscious that it is sinful, then I don’t think it would be a mortal sin.
Also, if you are not CONSCIOUS of a mortal sin (for example, you forget), can it be sinful to go to communion then??

When does Easter Season end? I just read it was on Pentecost Sunday which is May 19th for 2013. Is that correct?

I think so. After that, Ordinary Time begins.

Nobody here can answer this - you need to talk to a priest, or just go to confession. A previous poster mentioned we need to receive during the Easter season, not on Easter.

God bless you.

I agree. Usually if one has to ask whether or not they committed a mortal sin then they haven’t since mortal sin requires a full consent of the will. A priest told me more than once that you know when you committed a mortal sin. It has to be serious matter and you have to basically say to God that you really don’t care and you do it anyway. Most people would be aware of that and realize the sin to be mortal. In your case I would receive communion on Easter and then go to confession as soon as you can. Mention that you received Communion and I would bet that the priest will agree that it was ok unless there are circumstances that you omitted here. Like a previous poster said," nobody can answer that here". I am only speaking from the obvious. God bless you on this Good Friday.

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