Not-too-pushy pro-Catholic book for sister's boyfriend


My sister and her boyfriend are coming for Easter. We do the whole Easter basket thing, even though we’re adults (basically we want an excuse to eat candy, lol). Sister’s beau is not Catholic, but attends Mass with her/us when he is around. She tells me, “I think I can convert him.”:rolleyes:
I need a low (<$10 incl ship) or no-cost idea for something pro-Catholic, probably a book or CD, that isn’t too pushy, and it HAS to be able to get here by Easter.
Any of you have a lightly used book I can take off your hands???:thumbsup: I might even have something here already, I just can’t remember for the life of me what is better for a non-Catholic.


Well, I saw this book the other day, and it seems geared towards those who have questions about Catholic Faith. I am not sure if you can find it for the right price, but hey…



Home to Rome (or something like that) by Scott Hahn…surf the web and see if you could fnd a used one!


I think I would recommend The Way by Josemaria Escriva. I think it might be a good choice because it doesn’t push Catholic theology, it just encourages us on our path toward sanctity. I find it to be a nice little treasury of inspiration.


Rome Sweet Home. I looked that one up, but I’m worried that is too conversion-geared. I’ve only met this guy a couple times, and I don’t want to put him off.


Nah! It is just his wonderful story…i did not feel that this was pushing conversion…but if it makes you feel that it is, then go with your gut-feeeling!:slight_smile:


How about The Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living? I heard the author interviewed on Relevant Radio a year ago, bought the book, and enjoy it very much. The recipes are good, the explanations behind some of our Catholic ways are good, and there is also some of the quirky and funny too. It’s light hearted and in good taste. Also, it isn’t preachy.


Dare I say it…? What about Fr Corapi’s conversion story. Free on CD from


That’s another good one.


Catholicism for Dummies is an excellent introduction to the faith, and you can find it online for $14 new. I’m sure there’s some used copies for less on


Or Theology of the Body CD for men. I have the one for women and it is great (I ended up giving it to my cousin who is slowly coming back to the Church). I would assume that Christopher West’s talk to men about Theology of the Body is just as good. And it’s about what interests people who are in relationships, what the proper rolls are within a relationship and the greatness of marriage


Already asked sis if she thought he would appreciate Theology of the Body, but she said, “Well, I would like it if you gave it to him, but that might be a little too much.”

Bad Catholic’s Guide looks good, though I’m apprehensive buying one I have no familiarity with at all, and the price is right on I think I’ll get it.

I have Catholicity as my homepage (well, actually my husband does, mine is and thought about their CDs, but I’m probably going to steer clear of directly-conversion-related-stories until I know this guy a little better.

Thanks for all the suggestions, folks!


Don’t worry about it. I opened my copy last night when I went to bed and read the pages about Holy Week, they are very good and entertaining (and they have some great recipes). The author is definitely comical (there’s a top ten list on the Ash Wednesday page of pickup lines for true Catholics including number one “Confess here often?”) There’s a little friendly poking fun of our Catholic ways, but there is seriousness and brief history’s of different saints and explanations of the sacraments and the different feast days. I will always give this book :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Oh, and there are celebration/party ideas too and movie recommendations.


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