Not Waiting 3 Seconds at Stop Signs?

This is something that has been on my mind. The laws say something along the lines that you are to stop for 3 seconds at a stop sign. In practice however, this is often a waste of time. The “golden window of opportunity” may be when you first get to the sign and see someone a bit down the road possibly followed by other cars. If you wait the full 3 seconds you wind up waiting much longer due to the train of cars.

This law seems rather silly to me. We are to always follow the law, but this law is often pointless and the police don’t seem to really care about it. If it’s a sin, I’d assume it’s venial at worst, but I’m not sure.

A similar thing I’m wondering about is this. The law says you can’t cross the white lines in the side of the road. This is a major issue however as people turning left often stop till they can turn. The best course of action here is to pass them over the white line. If you don’t, people behind you will get mad and beep. Police also don’t seem to care about this one either.

The reason I ask these questions is because they’ve been in my mind lately. I’ve looked at an older thread and people said stuff like “Give to Ceasear what is Ceasear’s” which means we are to follow the law always. However, these things are so ridiculously minor that I fail to see how they could be so severe that they cut one off from God and put them in a state of Mortal sin.

A difficult question in the many particulars, but not at the extremes.

Breaking the law is not, in itself, necessarily a mortal sin. Whether it’s a sin at all, or, in the case that is, whether it’s mortal, depends on many factors. Common sense generally gets it right.

One could argue whether it’s a sin to travel at 51mph in a 50 zone, but there shouldn’t be any argument over whether its mortal sin (it’s not).

Do they say that? Where I live, the law is to come to a full and complete stop before proceeding.

I would be clear on what the law says, otherwise your argument could very well be against a strawman. The law is for safety. You should not roll through stops, though it is a thing that many people do. Part of the reason you stop is so that you can adequately assess all possible issues before turning. Trying to rush to beat a few cars is going to distract you - you’re focusing on them, but what about the little old lady crossing the street in the other direction that you didn’t notice, for example?

Patience is a virtue. Driving is an excellent opportunity to practice it.

Is it grave matter? Probably not. Is it smart? Nope.

The stop sign is put there for the safety of drivers and pedestrians - we stop 1000’s of times a year - if we are in the practice of doing rolling stops in an attempt to gain mere seconds in a rush to get were we are going - it will only take once to regret it forever.

The law is Irrelevant unless your only concern is a ticket.

Do you guys have give Way signs in the states?

What happens if you run a stop sign?

Is it illegal to use your phone while driving?

Stop at stop sign.
PERIOD.Full stop.


Would you want some person’s death on your conscience?
Just because YOU think it’s silly does not mean it is.

It’s a sin to be arrogant and believe you are above the law.


We call them “yields,” and yes, at these rolling through is permissible if there are no cars or pedestrians. But they have their own signage.

Typically, what will happen is nothing, unless you​ are caught or you hit someone - as is the case with most traffic laws. But if you’re caught you will get a ticket, and the fines can vary based on where you live. If it’s close to a school or other pedestrian heavy areas, there may be a stiffer fine.

Laws regarding phone usage vary state to state. I think it’s fairly common to permit hands free use of a phone, or it’s permitted only when the car is not moving.

I bet you pull into traffic and don’t speed up to highway speed as well…it’s not all about you. Safety includes everyone on the road.

Those 3 seconds will save you from a car that’s running a red light. It also saves you from a photo radar ticket if there’s one at the intersection, because the photo radar sensors typically get the cars that enter the intersection first. I ALWAYS wait at least 3-5 seconds before proceeding into an intersection.

If you run a stop sign, you risk a collision with a vehicle that is lawfully proceeding through a green light. Additionally, you risk collision with a car that’s also running a stop sign, usually at a higher rate of speed.

Waiting only 2.5 seconds is a venial sin. 2 or less, mortal.

Driving at 51 to 54 mph in a 50 zone - venial. 55 or over, mortal.

C’mon guys! Ease up! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should see the drivers where I live. They always cross solid white and yellow lines, they speed and run red lights. And if you get in their way they will honk and do worse things. Our state gives drivers licenses to anyone it seems.

I doubt it is a good idea for the OP to block another driver’s way because of the road rage problem but he should stop and the stop signs and such.

I never heard of a three-second law. The laws regarding stops signs usually say, come to a full and complete stop, check the intersection for anyone else, and then proceed when it’s your turn. How many seconds that takes will depend on the time of day, visibility, and if the intersection is busy or not. Don’t worry about the time. Worry about driving your car safely. If you count “one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi,” but forget to actually check the intersection, you aren’t really any safer.

Apologies for my poor wording. I meant legally. Though you do raise excellent points.

You are confusing rules of thumb with laws. In driver education you are given rules of thumb to help you-- such as3 seconds being a complete stop.

As for passing on the right it is illegal in some places and whether it is technically legal or not it is dangerous as an oncoming car could be turning left or a car could be approaching from the side street, and pedestrians could also be present. Do not pass on the right unless there is a passing lane.

I use common sense when driving, every stop sign and traffic light are different, some have better visibility than others, it really all depends on visibility. If you are coming up to a stop sign and you have great visibility in every other direction and it is obvious there are no other cars coming…common sense should tell you whats OK.

Stop signs at used for a reason, usually to allow traffic to flow at congested areas, like 3 way or 4way intersections, so everyone has a chance to go, but if you are the only car in the area, the stop sign is serving no purpose, its really about using common sense. every situation and time are going to be different, one time there may be no other cars, other times, there may be 3-4, and other times, there may be traffic piled up for blocks, in those cases, a full stop would be the best thing to do, since the situation warrants it, but its not going to be exactly the same every time and every stop sign you encounter.

I can see this being a recommendation, but kind of ridiculous for it to be an actual traffic offense, how can you have one law/regulation when every situation/ stop sign/ traffic light are going to be very different?

Obedience is very interesting though, there were experiments done on it in the 1970s that proved like 65% of people will obey anything and everything, even if it goes against common sense and their better judgement, they have become so ingrained to just OBEY OBEY OBEY. Stanley Milgram was the scientist who did these obedience experiments, the results were fascinating, they even made a movie about it.

A “STOP” sign means just that, STOP. As Nurse for over 45+ years, I’ve the results of peoples’ “rolling” stops, half stops & the running a stop signs. Until a member of one’s own family is lying in a hospital bed from the results of such actions; then people feel very different about STOP SIGNS.

Now your being just plain silly. Repost after you have your first accident-finder bender-because you want to beat the clock or flaunt the law. Most of us have that “first time” which teaches us a lesson about driving. A stop sign is to tell you-and all drivers-that is STOP AND GO-NOT SLOW AND GO. Forget about 3 minute rules and make caution your personal rule. The highways and streets are difficult enough to traverse and ensure safety FOR ALL on the roads these days without people trying to take shortcuts. :(eek:. Really!! peace

I follow the spirit of the law rather than the exact letter of the law. The spirit of the law for traffic is safety. Is it wrong to run a long red light at 3AM when there is not another car for miles? No, that’s neither wrong, nor sinful. I was once sitting at red light in the first row at a suburban 4 lane intersection in the middle of the day. I heard police sirens behind me, and pretty soon saw the police car was coming in my lane. The letter of the law says to stay stopped at the red light, but also says to “pull over” to allow emergency vehicles to pass. Well there was no place to pull over. All lanes were packed. I followed the spirit of the law and ran the light to create an opening for the police car. This was neither wrong, nor sinful.

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