Not your Disney-style high school musical

The musical “Zanna, Don’t” is a musical about teens with a twist: being gay is the norm and everyone’s expectations are turned upside-down when two teens “come out” as heterosexuals. This musical is playing in Boston and not surprisingly is getting positive press in the Boston Globe. This article is from the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe. In this edition there were two articles putting a positive spin on atheism and answering life’s big questions without God and now this. Just another day in the culture of death.

That’s really funny, because if homosexuality were the norm, there wouldn’t be a generation of teenagers.

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

I believe the response to that is ‘invitro fertilization’. That’s what’s been happening for quite a while now. Within the gay community itself are couples who wish to be parents. They ask each other to help out and they do (Melissa Ethridge, for example). They’ve found the way around that little blip called ‘procreation’.

Best thing to do is ignore it and pray it becomes obscure.

Here’s a review of this blatent piece of propaganda:

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