Notes on a scandal

Milton Academy in Massachusetts is a poster boy (or girl) for bad behavior and epitomizes our very fallen culture today. Two women have written a book that tries to sensationalize and tittilate this scandal. How sad.

I particularly appreciated this part:

The authors agree that casual sex among teenagers is a national phenomenon that can be blamed in part on the hypersexualized culture. “You’ve had Abercrombie & Fitch] selling thongs to 10-year-olds, and TV sex scenes doubled from 1998 to 2002,” says Miley, who majored in English and economics at the University of Pennsylvania and now lives in New York. That, coupled with websites such as Facebook and MySpace, have created a universe where little is considered out-of-bounds.

Jones calls it “generational exhibitionism.”

“These kids are putting their lives on display,” she says. “People didn’t used to have sex in front of others. This is the first generation of kids coming of age in the Internet, and there’s a breaking down of privacy.”

I think they hit the problem on the head and I appreciate the fact that these authors are not approaching the story from a religiously moral viewpoint, yet even by secular standards, they seem appalled/dismayed by this phenomenon. When we get the people from that same culture mindset questioning the ‘correctness’ of an otherwise ‘normal’ behavior pattern/trend, that’s a good sign, imo.

Immediately following that passage, the girls who were interviewed as source material for the book speak about their disappointment in the book. It is interesting that while they are upset that the book focuses on the sexual escapades more than what they wanted to be portrayed about their overall experience at Milton, they do not deny the escapades took place.

Do they really expect us to side with them on this matter? That we would be offended as they are that the authors did not minimize their escapades so that the girls would come off more intelligent, proper, admirable than they do? Perhaps they have written off what they did sexually back then as ‘minor’ but the nation knows it isn’t and that seems to be the point of the book.

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