Notes on Romans -- any interest?

So years ago back when I was a Protestant, I did a study on Romans that condensed into a 12-page outline. Recently I decided to revisit that epistle and take advantage of the huge library of information I now have with the new PC Study Bible software I recently acquired, as well as some Catholic commentaries, both on-line and in book form. I started by expanding the outline, and then by writing actual text. I’m on page 16, single-spaced, just finishing the prologue (1:1-17).

Would there be any interest in reading this, if I were to post it by sections in this forum? It would be broken up by sections, but even so there would be some fairly lengthy, multi-section OPs. I’m open to feedback, especially from mods with thumbs-up or thumbs-down. I’m interested in sharing what I’m learning, but I don’t want to break any rules or overwhelm the system.

It’s fascinating, I have a few books on Paul I could find, haven’t looked at in years if something like this is okay, I can swing it.

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