Nothing - A Thought Exercise About God


Is nothing (the absence of everything) possible?
God must be even if nothing is possible.
How do you imagine this works?


I always wondered how it would be if nothing existed.


You wouldn’t be here asking the question. :slightly_smiling_face:


As far as I know “nothing”, in the context you mean it, has never been observed and there is considerable debate as to whether it’s even a possibility for “nothing” to exist.


No, it’s impossible. Both intrinsically impossible, because God is a ‘thing’ and has always existed, and extrinsically impossible, because things other than God exist.


God could not fail to exist. He could not not have existed. His necessity in that sense is absolute. So “nothing” is not a possibility, even accounting for all the difficulty we have writing about “nothing” in our language.


Then are we technically writing about something every time we write about nothing?
Can God exist as nothing?


Being (existence) and non-being (true nothing) are not the same thing. God cannot exist as nothing. God is also Existence Itself, not simply an existing being.


I can imagine a state in which there is nothing. That is therefore a possibility.




If God exists, then the absence of existence is impossible since God cannot not exist.


You are imagining a black void. That’s not the same thing as absolutely nothing.

It’s a contradiction for nothing to be real. The absence of reality would also mean the absence of logical truth, such as a thing cannot be and not be at the same time. But it is impossible for such truths to cease being true, thus one cannot concede that absolutely nothing is a logically possible state.

One could conclude from this that therefore all logically possible states must exist, but we can see that possible states are becoming actual all the time and are not necessarily real. Since unnecessary beings cannot exist as there own cause, there must be a necessary being that is actualizing possible states by will.


Nothing must be the same as being in a deep dreamless sleep.


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