NOTHING can or will destory the CC!


NOTHING! No matter how much anti-Catholic garbage goes on, etc.

What do you think:

…and some of the points mentioned in the site is exactly why I think that people want to make their own religion and their own truth of what to believe and what not to believe!


Hi everyone, I’m the same person as Jaypeeto2, just had to change my screen name!

Anyway, want to see a REALLY messed up website? Check out – This group condemns every known Christian denomination and every known Christian pastor literally since the time of the Apostles. Interestingly, they FRANKLY admit that all of the early Church Fathers WERE Catholics (something James White seems to have trouble doing, hee hee hee). The article on Catholicism is not only hateful, it’s downright stupid!
Love, Jaypeeto3 :o

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