Nothing written by Mary?

Happy New Year everybody! I have two questions that I’m hoping can be answered here.

  1. Why are our churches named after Saints? Why do we not have any named after Jesus?

  2. Why is it do you think we do not have a book written by Mary the mother of Jesus? I wish Mary would have written something that would prove to all that she was indeed a virgin and that she had no other children other than Jesus himself. She may have also explained what happened to Joseph etc.

Just some questions going through my mind lately.

our parish is ‘Most Precious Blood’. that’s pretty close.:wink:

there is a letter from Mary to a saint, in a church in europe. not sure of its approval by the church. how do we know that some of the writings in the gospels weren’t taken from Mary?
and, of course, She has spoken to many saints over the years. only protestants think it has to be in writing.:wink:

Parishes that I am aware of include: Holy Redeemer, Christ the King, Good Shepherd, and of course Sacred Heart.

Christ the King, good one.:wink: mashpee?

Sacred Heart here in Eastern WA. Tho parishes named after Mary outnumber those named after Jesus: Pure Heart of Mary, Immaculate Conception, St. Mary of the Rosary, St. Mary’s Presentation.

Here’s is a counter-question for your consideration, with respect to your question about Mary:

How do you suppose the account of the annunciation came to be known by the Gospel writers?

Really, though, Mary was the only one present, right? So, either Jesus revealed this truth to the Gospel writers, they received a vision from the Holy Spirit regarding that moment, or Mary revealed it to them.

We have some in KC called Prince of Peace, Blessed Sacrament, and Divine Mercy. And let’s not forget the ones that are named after events in Jesus’ life: Nativity, Holy Cross, and Ascension.

To answer 2), in 1st Century Jewish culture, a woman’s testimony wasn’t considered credible. So anything Mary had to say probably would have gone ignored.

How about the new

Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

in Raleigh, NC?


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

El Christo Rey.

LOL I love this forum! And I’m so glad that I found you. Thank you for answering my questions as always. I’m sure there will be more down the road. You all rock! :grouphug:

Were women literate in Jewish society during the time of Christ?

  1. I attend Sacred Heart. There’s also Blessed Sacrament Catholic church. I was baptized at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

  2. I would be very surprised if an impoverished Jewish girl born 2000 years ago would have had the opportunity to obtain a formal education and obtain literacy. In fact I believe the norm for women at that time, was not to offer them education but to prepare them for domestic life. I don’t think that there are any ancient manuscripts written by women (of course I could be wrong, but I’m not aware of any ancient manuscripts written by women) I don’t think they had as much opportunity for an education as men did.

You sound like you live in a certain part of Michigan.

Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Decherd, TN
Christ the King Catholic Church, Nashville, TN

Church law requires naming of churches, oratories and private chapels under the title of one of the following:

*]the name of the Trinity
*]the name of Christ, invoked under a mystery of his life or under his name already used in the Mass
*]the name of the Holy Spirit
*]the name of Mary, under a given title already found in the Mass
*]the name of the Angels
*]the name of a canonized Saint in the Roman Martyrology
*]the name of a Blessed provided the Apostolic See has given it’s permission.
Church law doesn’t specify naming parishes. The Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments on 10 February 1999, stated, “The name of a parish may commonly be the same name as the title of the parish church”.

We have plenty in the name of Christ under numerous titles: Holy Redeemer, Christ the King, Sacred Heart, etc.

Those in the life of Jesus each had their roles. Mary’s was not of evangelist, for reasons known to God.

We have no need of such a document. We have the Church’s teaching on the matter. Nor would having a document “prove” such a thing.

There are lots of churches named for Christ. The Cathedral in my large diocese is called Christ Cathedral.

We don’t have a book written by Jesus either…that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from believing in him.

well, it might be stopping some people.:cool:

In the local Latin rite diocese, there is Sacred Heart parish, Corpus Christi, Blessed Sacrament. There may be more but I can’t remember right off the top of my head.

One of the parish’s I go to is Christ the Redeemer.

St. Luke most likely interviewed Mary, that is clear. There are things written in the Gospel of Luke that he could have obtained the information about only by interviewing her, such as the Annunciation, her virginity, things like that. This speaks volumes, I believe about how much she was respected since (as others have pointed out) at that time in first century Palestine the testimony of a woman was worthless in a court of law. As the Gospel writers were recording their stories, St. Luke saw it necessary to go to her and ask details. She was living with St. John the Apostle as well, it is clear from scripture that she lived with him after the crucifixion. I cannot imagine being St. John living with her and not asking her questions!

As far as churches names after Jesus there have been many good examples given already. God bless you hope this helps a little.

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