Noticed that the widely refuted book, Hitlers Pope, is being offered for sale at CostCo

I’m wondering why a book originally published in 1999, and a book intent on disparaging the catholic church is now being offered for sale by a major retailer. Costco primarily sells recently published books, so this is definitely an anomaly. There has to be some anti-catholic leaning upper management who are exercising their hidden agenda against the church with this untimely book offering

It’s a history book, I don’t see the big deal… haven’t read it, though.

err… it’s not historically accurate though!

It’s blatantly anti-catholic and deliberately misrepresents the Papacy of Pius XII that’s why it’s a big deal.

Hitler’s Pope is a book published in 1999 by the British journalist and author John Cornwell that examines the actions of Eugenio Pacelli/Pope Pius XII before and during the Nazi era, and explores the charge that he assisted in the legitimization of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany, through the pursuit of a Reichskonkordat in 1933. The book is critical of Pius’ conduct during the Second World War, criticizing him for not doing enough, or speaking out enough, against the Holocaust. Cornwell argued that Pius’s entire career as the nuncio to Germany, Cardinal Secretary of State, and pope was characterized by a desire to increase and centralize the power of the Papacy, and that he subordinated opposition to the Nazis to that goal. He further argued that Pius was antisemitic and that this stance prevented him from caring about the European Jews. wiki

This book, apart from being blatently Anti-Catholic, is a classic example of revisionist history. This book has been rejected by every serious Academic Historian. The author must have taken history lessons in the old Soviet Union to be able to distort history in this way.
The book buyer for Costco is either terribly ignorant, or an Anti-Catholic. I will bet that they got the book at a serious discount below normal wholesale!

There are thousands upon thousands of low quality, inacurrate, inflamatory, offensive, reprehensible, hate-filled, and even some good “history” books out there. . . . . :shrug:

About time, I always new the Popes are Nazi extremists. I just never had a book that proved it. And as my luck would have it the very store I buy Jeans and frozen pizzas from has that very book right here next to the the 2000 pack of chewing gum. God forbid I do research on my own, I might come across some real research and find out that the Pope was compassionate for the victims of mass slaughter. That would just be terrible. I’m sure all it takes is reading the cover and that person immediately assumes it is true. Add it to the list of reasons not to trust those crazy catholics. But put a papal document in that store and I bet Costco would get hate mail out the Ying yang for trying to force religion on its customers. I should probably have more compassion for the ignorant capitalists in this country but sometimes I wish I was born a few hundred years ago when people had real problems. I’m sure people then probably said the same thing though.

None of us is helpless in situations like this. Contact the management at CostCo. Give them the facts. It’s simple.


Wow! So many people think they know us but they dont! The world would be shocked if they really knew the truth about Catholicism. Pray for these people.

That’s how it worked for many years, but now we have the internet and can be misled more efficiently and effectively than ever! :smiley:

It’s a “history book” in the same sense that the infamous antisemitic tract “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is a history book. I don’t think Costco would carry that.

I would suggest writing a polite letter to the regional manager of your local Costco (available on their website) and express your concerns that, as a Catholic, you are concerned that Costco chooses to sell a limited number of books, yet the management would choose to include a historically inaccurate book that is biased against a particular religion, and moreover, a religion that a large number of their customer base share. I would further ask if the management of Costco would feel it appropriate to sell a book that defames Jews, or Muslims. If not, why do they feel it is appropriate to sell a book that spreads historical falsehoods and defames Pope Pius XII, a man who, as legitimate historians have pointed out, did more to save Jewish lives than any single person in WWII. You might also ask if Costco carries any of the legitimate historical works about the Church’s efforts to save the lives of European Jews during the Holocaust, and if not, what reason they have for selecting this work.

I would also point out that you shop regularly at Costco, describe how much you spend on an average at Costco, and state that as a person whose religious beliefs are important to them, and who respects the lives of all those who died in the Holocaust, this will have an impact on where you choose to spend your money.

I guarantee you that you will receive a response. This might be something you would like to include in your local church bulletin.

I don’t know if all Costcos are carrying this or if it’s a regional purchase. I’ll check my local branch and if it is there, I’ll ask to speak to the manager and follow up with a letter.

These charges are old stuff. They go back many years.

Jewish Rabbis have spoken in favor of Pope Pius XII. One was the Rabbi of Rome who knew what he was talking about. The Rabbi of Rome thanked the Pope for helping 800,000 Jews get out of Europe by processing their visas, and for hiding thousands of Jews in Rome itself at great risk to the Vatican ( Rome was occupied by the Nazis after the fall of Mussolini in 1943 ).

Why do people write these books? Why do people believe them?

I’ll give you a revolutionary answer, ladies and gentlemen. Here it is…
A lot of people in this world are mentally inferior. :eek:
There. I said it. So report me to the EOC. Sue me. Take it to the Supreme Court. Picket my house. I don’t care. The truth is the truth and doesn’t care about your political correctness.

I doubt it. They probably got them really cheap and are hoping to make a few bucks. :shrug:

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