Notorious Navy spy John Walker dies in NC federal prison


From WTKR:

The man responsible for what the military called the Navy’s biggest betrayal is dead.

John Anthony Walker, the former Senior Warrant Officer from Norfolk who supplied the Soviets with damaging tactical and military data, died in federal prison on Thursday in Butner, North Carolina at age 77.

29 years ago, in 1985, Walker’s career as a spy came to an end in Norfolk Federal Court after his ex-wife Barbara alerted authorities.

Not only did he sell secrets, he also revealed the workings of the crypto in use at that time. I remember when it happened…things were a TOTAL mess for several years afterward until new technology could be fielded.


And that is how a traitor should end up - in prison for life.
Of course under our current administration, murderous terrorists are held for awhile, then released to kill again…


He deserved a traitor’s death by firing squad; I hope he made it right with God before he left this world. My husband and I were serving in the Navy at the time he was selling us out to the Russians, for money. Still gives me the creeps!


The charity level of this thread needs to be improved or it will be closed


Now that Walker has completed paying for his crime, here is a refresher on the details of his treason.


Thank you both for your service!
I agree 100% … From 1968-72 I was also USN, doing the same job Walker was. Unfortunately, firing squads are no longer used. Life imprisonment can be just as cruel. I pray for his soul.


Oh no. Before Obama could trade him for Edward Snowden too. :cool:

Had him confused with the American Taliban John Walker Lindh there for a second.

In lieu of prayers, toast the Navy?

Johnnie Walker (Red)

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