Notre Dame Alumni Group Launches Protest Against Obama Invite

Notre Dame Alumni Group Launches Protest Against Obama Invite

South Bend, IN – A Notre Dame alumni group has launched a protest against its alma mater for extending an invitation to pro-abortion President Barack Obama to give the commencement address there this May. The university will also bestow the president with an honorary degree.


Whoo hoo!!! Finally. Through the threat of withholding of endowments and gifts, the attention of the Board and the Order may have their interest in revisiting this ill advised invitation piqued…

The alumni of Norte Dame had better be very vocal. Norte Dame administration has already staed they expect to have criticism, and expect to ignore it and do it anyway. Dissent against the Church is alive and well at Norte Dame Administration and faculty.

This is good to see, especially in light of the wishy-washy response from the official alumni association. :mad:

I just saw an excellent Youtube presentation by a 1983 ND Alumni Michael Voris.
Go to youtube and go to
Obama = Catholic Notre Dame = What The?..
Mr Voris also has another youtube presentation called:
Obama Petition Shame on You Notre Dame

If I knew how to give you the direct sites I would. I am hoping someone will check these out and set up the addresses on this Alumni thread.

YouTube with Michael Voris, Notre Dame grad, who is angry that the “enemy-in-chief of life in the womb” will be honored at the 2009 ND Commencement.

“…ND should take down its crucifixes, its statues, tear down the basilica, and once and for all stop sending alumni like me and others sappy fundraising letters appealing to the campus’s Catholicism when they deny that very faith before the whole world … The invitation must be pulled.”

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