Notre Dame Catholic Teaching Program?


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I posted this at the Water Cooler, but thought I might get responses here also:

Anyone heard of this program through Notre Dame?

Obviously I missed the deadline this time, but am considering it for next year. Has anyone done this program or known someone who has, or do any of you have kids in the schools being served by this program? Just looking for people who may have some personal experience to relate.

I’ve been looking for a good path to a teaching career (my bachelor’s is in English), and I really like the way this program is tied to the Church. Any thoughts?


I know a lot about the ACE program, Alliance for Catholic Education. It is an excellent teaching program. Notre Dame trains students for immediate teaching positions in the Southeast US (mostly the southeast…however, there is a Los Angeles site), and the students teach in under-resourced Catholic schools. You go to summer school at Notre Dame before the initial assignment and two summer school sessions between the two year program. You end up with a masters degree in education from Notre Dame. Notre Dame pays for everything. You pay for nothing (except spending money). While you teach, you receive a modest stipend and you live in community with other ACE teachers (many times an old convent or rectory). I believe you must be Roman Catholic to apply, but don’t quote me on that one. What it really boils down to is Notre Dame providing quality teachers to Catholic schools who may not be able to afford quality teachers. A majority are Notre Dame or St. Marys grads, but I know many teachers have come from BC, Georgetown, Dayton, and even some non-Catholic universities. The beauty is that any major may apply for ACE. Notre Dame doesn’t even have an undergraduate education major, so almost all ACE teachers had majors other than education. It is a phenomenal program. It is also connected to Americorps, so you will get a large deduction off of any student loans you may have, after you complete the two-year program.

Good luck…I HIGHLY reccommend it.

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