Notre Dame Denied $8.2 Million In Donor Protest

DEARBORN, Michigan (Zenit) - A Notre Dame alumni coalition verified that donors have pledged to withhold $8.2 million from the university in protest of the school’s decision to honor President Barack Obama.

The coalition launched the national outreach effort one week ago, appealing to alumni and benefactors to hold back donations until the university’s president, Father John Jenkins, is replaced.

In a press release today, the group, called “Replace Jenkins,” reported that over 900 pledges have been sent online with the promise of canceling payments to the school, including notifications from donors who removed large estate bequests to the university from their wills.

The coalition statement reported that campaign organizers have “personally confirmed a majority of the largest donations, and continue to verify the validity of millions of additional gifts.”

David DiFranco, the group’s spokesperson, said: “We knew many donors and alums were unhappy with the decision to honor a pro-abortion president, but we never expected this large of a response.”

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Sad to see it come to this, but is is good to see that so many people care! Someday ND will achieve the greatness it once had. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

This is an article at stating ND has lost millions in donations so far:

That was the article I had in the original posting.:slight_smile:

No offense to the writer, but I don’t buy this article…I think the only judgment you can make is when ND releases their actual fundraising numbers, and they won’t do that.

I could very easily say I’m witholding an obscene amount of money from ND, and it wouldn’t be true.

Take it all with a grain of salt (and keep in mind that 8.2 million is a drop in the bucket as far as ND fundraising goes)

And it’s also a drop in the bucket compared to what it can make up from some possible liberal contributors. If ND could get George Soros as a sponsor, who needs alumni?

8.2 million is also a drop in the bucket for my employer U.S. EPA Region 5, but if our budget was dinged 8.2 million be assured we would feel it. 8.2 million is the equivalent of 92 professional employees, or the clean up of an entire hazardous waste site. Yes, even a drop in the bucket would get our attention.

No offense but when ND honors a pro-abortion politician and spits in the face of the Mother of Jesus, “Our Lady- NOTRE DAME”, they will surely lose more than money, they will lose their honor and their credibility and become just another mediocre secular university.

Actions speak louder than words, **ND Alumni must stand up and withhold their money from this misguided institution.

Give your money to the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!** (, Sr. Rose Therese (ND class of 2002!) who just entered the Novitiate 8/08, is a living example of the love of Jesus by giving her life to Jesus fully! (She is an incredible musician and artist “Danielle Rose” (

**Obama and the others will come and go, Jesus is, was and will be God forever!!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


$8.2 million is a very expensive commencement speech

Notre Dame has over a dozen pro-life groups that are recognized by the administration, but it won’t recognize one gay student groups on campus.

The Obama scandal does not automatically make Notre Dame a liberal university, and it will never get funding from a hardcore pro-abortion athiest like Soros.

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