Notre Dame Pays Student Expenses to D.C. March for Gay ‘Marriage’


Notre Dame Pays Student Expenses to D.C. March for Gay ‘Marriage’

The University of Notre Dame gave financial assistance to five students to participate in Sunday’s national gay rights demonstration, which was organized in part to advocate homosexual “marriage,” a campus newspaper has reported.

The “National Equality March” on Sunday, October 11, in Washington, D.C., was sponsored by Equality Across America, which aims to build a national grassroots network asserting homosexual couples’ “right to marry” as well as other demands. The Catholic Church believes that marriage is possible only between a man and a woman.

“Faithful Catholics will ask whether Notre Dame has learned its lesson from the scandalous commencement ceremony last spring,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “What university seeking to reassure families of its Catholic identity would pay for students to attack the family and oppose Catholic teachings on marriage?”



It’s bad enough the day is gloomy then I read this. More reasons to pray. In our state, needy students are losing their federal pell grants and MAP grants because there is little money to go around but in Indiana, Notre Dame, a “catholic” institution has free money to promote agendas that are counter-Catholic?! Am I losing my mind? Dear Lord, have mercy on Notre Dame.


Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame…
Whoops! Sorry…

Just trying to add a bit of humor at a truly sad situation.


Sad and horrific, yes. Surprising? Unfortunately, no. The more I find out about the state of the modern Church, the more frustrated I become. Hopefully there are enough of us who are young and orthodox and teaching our children to be orthodox to turn things around eventually as the old “liberal”/heterodox priests/religious/etc. die off.


GOOD NEWS!!! I just received official response from the director of student activities office (SAO) at Notre Dame that no university funding was used for this trip. The student-run group “Progressive Alliance”, which is actually not a student-run a homosexual group, paid for five members to attend this March (for whatever reason), but completely paid for the trip by using the group’s and individual’s personal funding, NOT the University’s funding or even the funding from the university’s Student Activities Office. The director of SAO informed me that the student newspaper, The Observer, was completely wrong in their writing :thumbsup:.


Praise God.

I’m glad those terrible things I thought about Notre Dame in haste were wrong.


Is the “Progressive Alliance” group recognized as an official group from the Student Activities Office, and does it receive student activity money every semester?


They are an officially recognized group but are not a gay-activist group. Granted, individual members may lean that way in ideology…but the group’s official charter contains nothing anti-Catholic and their main mission is to seek social justice. They do pressure the university each year to implement an anti-discrimination clause to include “sexual-orientation”. So, are there many group members who are okay with that lifestyle? …probably…but they get around outwardly saying that by relying on the Catechism and Scripture and how Jesus loves all and how we shouldn’t judge etc…

Their official charter cannot outwardly state anything against Catholic teaching. No organizations are approved who have explicitly anti-Catholic agendas. To their credit, they are very anti-death penalty and anti-war.

It’s a small group…does it toe the line a bit?..I would presume so. If interested in their website (although it’s very basic) here it is:

However, a more popular and active social justice group on campus is the Notre Dame and St. Marys Right to Life. They have a much more elaborate and enjoyable website :slight_smile:

Although, the university got hammered big time for the Obama Drama, to their credit they send hundreds to DC each year for the Right to Life march each January.


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