Notre Dame President Fr Jenkins Is Board Member of Pro-Condom Organization

According to a story by, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame, sits on the board of Millennium Promise, an anti-poverty organization which reportedly supports the distribution of condoms and encourages the establishment of abortion services where legal.

Complete article is at:

Millenium Promise “Board” is at:


Here is the original article from Notre Dame President Sits on Board of Directors of Pro-Abortion, Pro-Contraception Organization
Let us all pray the full 20 decade rosary now until and during the scandal is set to occur: this Sunday, May 17, at 2 PM EDT (6 PM UTC).

O Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God, who as Our Lady of Guadalupe didst aid in the conversion of Mexico from paganism in a most miraculous way, we know beseech thee to bring about in these our times the early conversion of our modern world from its present neo-paganism to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of thy divine Son, Jesus Christ,”one fold and one shepherd” with all governments recognizing the reign of thy Son, Jesus Christ the King. This we ask of the Eternal Father, through Jesus Christ His Son Our Lord and by the powerful intercession – all for the salvation of souls, the triumph of the Church, and peace in the world. Amen.

Warning! LifeSitenews is so far the only source.

Proceed with extreme caution and beware of spin and distortion!

No RealCatholic TV had a show on it already, and the article itself said that it was reported already on the Drew Mariani Show (Relevant Radio). All that is being discussed in another thread on this already. Offered in that thread are links to org’s own website listing Fr. Jenkins as a Board Member, and quotes from their published handbook advocating the setup of abortion services in third world villiages.

Here is post where it is listed out

Thank you. I don’t believe anything Lifesite says anymore until I hear it somewhere else with primiary source data not linked to them.

Please enlighten me - what’s wrong with LifeSiteNews?

Spin to the point of distortion. Kind of like a British tabloid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m utterly pro-life. But I’m against abusing polls, statistics, quotes and rumors to get there.

If you click on the second link of the OP, you will see that Millinium Promise website, does indeed list Rev. John Jenkins as a member of their BOD.

LifeSiteNews does provide a lot of information not found in the mainstream media. Yes, some information could be based on opinions instead of facts, but that’s true with all news sources. We should always scrutinize information to determine whether or not it could be truthful or not.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given Notre Dame’s recent history. After all, Fr Hesburgh was a former director of the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the most influential population control funders in the nation.

Their article had all the relevant information. LifeSite correctly noted that it was Relevant Radio who broke the news (which was your first point). They also had the same links to the website of the organizaion that was posted in the other thread so you could have gone directly to the organization’s website itself to verify what Lifesite was reporting on (your second point)

Did bother to actually read the article before you posted? Because your issues had already been addressed in the article.

I hope this isn’t true…Fr Jenkins has already lost the respect and the trust of many Catholics:confused:…

This explains a lot. So he really does support abortion. A wolf in shepherd’s clothing.

I did miss the reference in the glow of the hot link right below that. I read far too fast.

I made my original statement after being caught SEVERAL times in the past citing incorrect information I’ve read on LifeSite. No more for me.

I understand, there have been mainstream news sources that I have had the same experience with.

However, it does no one any good to dismiss directly out of hand. What I would recommend is before issue a detractive statement, take the time to read what is said, and maybe do a search on any other media links provided.

Especially when the OP DOES provide links to multiple sources.

In this case, Lifesite was quite correct. Fr. Jenkins (and specifically the Fr. Jenkins that is president of ND) IS on the board of this org, and the org does advocate both contraceptive soultions AND abortion services.

That is quite scandalous.

With this substantiated evidence about Father Jenkins, is there now JUST CAUSE to remove him from head of Notre Dame? I should hope so!

Why doesn’t the Millennium Promise scandal cost Fr. Jenkins his priestly faculties? If discipline is not used in the Church, folks are denied the charity of fraternal correction. I’m extremely frustrated with lack of Church discipline resulting in disssenting Catholics behaving like bratty kids and getting away with it while they continue to harm other souls. St. paul where are you now?.

There are some that hate sites like LifeSiteNews just because they dare to report things that the Leftist Ministry of Propaganda (the MSM) actively and malicious censor from their news. They will do anything and everything to slander these sites with their “shoot the messenger” attack. I just “ignore” them.


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