Notre Dame President Will Join March for Life, Form Pro-Life Task Force

Notre Dame President Will Join March for Life, Form Pro-Life Task Force

South Bend, IN – In apparent attempt to regain favor with pr-life Catholics upset that Notre Dame invited pro-abortion President Barack Obama to give its commencement address and gave him an honorary degree, university president John Jenkins says he will attend the 2010 March for Life.

Too little. Too late.

Notre Dame and Fr. Jenkins could have done so much back in May if he had listened to his bishop.

Has he ever attended before?

I’ll accept small favors.

Or maybe, just maybe he is marching because he BLIEVES in the pro-life movement!

LifeNews is so biased towards conservatives it is sickening. . .

Why does the Pro-Life movement exclude some who share their cause but who are not die hard conservatives who dislike the President. They could have more diverse support if they weren’t so exclusionary.

You must not be a Christian…only because Christians believe that with Christ nothing is too little or too late. Are you of another religion? Just curious, as there are many others on this board who join simply to learn more about the Catholic faith, which is great…I’m glad they are on here. I really don’t mean any offense. God Bless…

As opposed to liberals who walk the left line?

If the line was actually not quite so visible you would have an argument.

If you profess to the same party as BO and you voted that way you have serious issues.

Individuals who claim to be left or right do justice to no one and for nothing.

In the end it is the truth that matters, not party affiliation or politics. There are no gray areas in the abortion debate.

Eddie Mac


Is defending innocent life, defending innocent babies from being murdered sickening?

i would say that someone who denies the will of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by allowing the murder of innocent babies is truly SICKENING!**

**God Bless Fr. Jenkins if he has repented of his sins and is now truly defending life as Jesus called us all to do;

"but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 19:14)


Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


This is progress. Having the ND President join the March for Life is a good thing.

What I would hope for: Having every bishop in the United States join him.
I would love to see a phalanx of bishops, priests, and seminarians in force at the March for Life.

What I would NOT hope for: asking the president to speak to the group.

If you want the American bishops marching for life they need to get out of Obama’s cheering section.

It really is disgusting that they issue a press release where they actually believe something BO says.

We American Catholics will not make progress in anything until the USCCB finds their lost courage and strands up for TRUTH, and stop standing in line for the sliding dollar.

Not all of the bishops are wimps, but the majority, and the ones who total up the expressed opinions of the USCCB are.

Eddie Mac

Using your own flawed logic, you must be a pro-death CINO who somehow made it to the “Dome” without learning how to read.

I really don’t mean any offense. God bless…

How did everybody like the part where, to paraphrase, President Obama said, “I can’t change your mind and don’t try to change mine on abortion.” After all we wouldn’t want one of his daughters to suffer for a “mistake”.

Took the words right out of my mouth. Reminds me of those Catholics who ., after voting for Obama., breathlessly told us how hard they were going to fight to keep FOCA from gettng enacted.

Actually, I am not pro-death. As a matter of fact, like most graduates of Our Lady’s University, I am extremely pro-life. I have been my entire life. I oppose abortion and work and pray tirelessly in the hope that soon it is illegal and a thing of the past. I am also whole-heartedly against euthenasia as well as the death penalty. :thumbsup:

I try my hardest to act like a Christian should act. I spread the Gospel, love Christ, and keep a positive outlook on all things, because with Christ there is no darkness. :slight_smile:

I also am a sinner…like everyone else. And, I pray that I can be a better person each and every day of this great life given to me by our Lord.

May His mother’s grace shine upon us all.

Enough about me though…

God bless you too:D

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