Notre Dame’s Student Health Plan Will Cover Contraceptives, Abortifacients

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The University of Notre Dame has approved a student health-insurance plan that will result in the provision to students of contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and other preventive services covered under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate.

The university’s decision to provide the group health plan for students comes as Notre Dame pursues its legal challenge to the HHS mandate. Critics thus expressed concern that the move could undermine the university’s legal case, especially when other options were available for circumventing compliance requirements for the mandate.

“The university need not provide student health insurance at all,” said Gerard Bradley, a constitutional scholar at Notre Dame’s law school, who outlined the options available to university administrators.


The Church should completely withdraw all recognition of that filth as a “Catholic” university, and issue a call for Catholics to boycott it.

They sure jumped on the chance to assist in all of this filth.

Why do you feel so strongly about it? They are merely ensuring that all students have full access to health care. Surely not all the students will be practising Catholics?

Any rational being thinks-they don’t simply ‘feel’. If I were stating how I felt, I would be stating that I felt tired, felt sick, or felt angry. Emotions aren’t points of view, emotions aren’t rational arguments.

Because any Catholic instution would know, that one must not cooperate with evil. Paying for abortions, contraceptives, is carrying our complicity with those acts-nay, active encouragement.

True. But it doesnt matter. If the institution claims to be Catholic, shouldn’t it be following catholic rules? If somebody says he is pro american shouldnt he uphold american values like freedom? Same with the church. And I would not call abortion or contraception health, as its harmful effects have been proven.

And they still have to audacity to call themselves “Notre Dame University”? It is an affront to Our Lady.

Im not so sure I believe this, seems kind of a stretch a catholic university would permit such a thing, and especially allow it to go public…NAH, sounds like something made up to rile people up. Some people/groups get joy out of doing such things to christian people…sad, but true.

NO way ANY catholic university would allow this.

Unfourtunetly not all “Catholic” universities are really practicing their faith. Same with high schools. And grade schools.

Then, that would be blasphemous on their part…I dont think the vatican would let them get away with that, especially on a public level.

Are Catholic universities under some authority? To whom do they report to? Diocese? Vatican?

I bet the majority of girls at ND, use contraceptives and are sexually active.

In fact, most Catholics use contraceptives.



By definition, Catholic canon law states that “A Catholic school is understood to be one which is under control of the competent ecclesiastical authority or of a public ecclesiastical juridical person, or one which in a written document is acknowledged as Catholic by the ecclesiastical authority” (Can. 803). Although some schools are deemed “Catholic” because of their identity and a great number of students enrolled are Catholics, it is also stipulated in canon law that “No school, even if it is in fact Catholic, may bear the title ‘Catholic school’ except by the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority” (Can. 803 §3).

I wish that were true. But it is not. trust me, I am enrolled in one.

Well, then they are hypocrites and probably taking part in the ‘doctrines of demons’…this is a pretty big deal imo, implications would effect the entire CC, as this is something catholics are HIGHLY against.

Out of curiosity, how many does this affect? Aren’t most of the students covered under their parent’s plan or some other kind of plan? Students aren’t generally considered employees, or are they now?

You and I stand against this. But the youth enrolled in schools like this generally do not care, sadly. And I agree, it WILL have big implications around the Church, and has.

Correct and under ACA, those students can stay on their parents insurance policies until age 25.


Or, they can participate in Notre Dame’s health agenda and be faced with the endangerment of eternal damnation for active participation with intrinsic evil. But, of course, do not most parents agree with the “right agenda” of the worldly participation in murder of the unborn and conjugal acts outside of marriage with “protection?”

Right thinking adults should try the protection of Saint Michael; but, the trojan man has way cooler advertisements.

What a wonderful birthday gift for Our Mother.

In this case, it appears Notre Dame is encouraging doctrines of demons…I wonder if the vatican knows about this? Im sure they would step in and put a stop to it.

What should we think about this when there are NO active protests taking place to fight this? LOL

Buying the health insurance isn’t the sin, it would be using the health insurance for intrinsic evil that it may cover.


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